Scifi Hover Tank

A futuristic Hover tank. This is my first attempt for a tank - I think it still needs some more things added to it. I was thinking of putting some more of the pipes or blue/white poles somewhere on it, but not really sure where. What do you think?


I think is great, but still needs some work done to both textures and the model itself. I think it looks way to fragile to be in combat. I’d suggest throwing some heavy duty armor on there and making it look bulkier. Take a look at some modern tank pictures for inspiration. As for the textures, once again, too fragile. The shiny black material makes it look more like something from a sports car commercial than from war. If it goes along with your idea, then put some wear and tear in the texture. Some scratches, dents and bullet holes (or laser burns). I’d also suggest adding some varitation to the body texture. Not necessarily camo, but just something to keep it from being a solid colour. Like a secondary colour to use for hatches, gun mounts, etc… Speaking of gun mounts, maybe throw in some secondary weapons?

Definately a cool model and interesting idea. Can’t wait to see more!

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Light it up some more.

i think it looks great, no crits :smiley:

hey looks pretty good…might need some better lighting…
are the light blue pillars at the back have a point to them or are they juest there cuz it looks cool??..if you havnt thought of anything then each shot it fires it could go down a little by a bit…

Those pipes look kind of vulnerable to me, as do the cables to the hover pads. And what sort of scale are we talking about here? Is it crewed, or remotely piloted?
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Thanks for the welcomes :slight_smile:

I think that the tank will be remote piloted, for now, anyway. The light poles at the back of the tank were some kind of energy - ammo for it, and having them go down when it fires was just what I was thinking, would definitely make it look cool.

I haven’t done much with the textures yet, but I brightened it up some more & added some armoring to the front & sides. What do you think? Are the side pieces too much?


Looking better already Tom! I like the added armor and rust. Might I suggest some more details to the cannon barrel?

yep like maybe some sort of fancy(not to much) end to it

Okay, well, the start of the barrel is a little more interesting. I’m pretty happy with the textures right now, I might keep most of em as they are, except maybe turn down the spec on the texture for the actual body of the tank. Here’s a render of the barrel with the extra details on it.

I’ll definitely put some nice looking end to the barrel soon, need to just think about what.

Thanks for all your help guys too, it’s looking so much better than before :slight_smile:


First attempt for the end of the tank -

I think I’m pretty satisfied with the end of the barrel, not too showy, but looks pretty deadly :slight_smile:

What do you guys think?


You should change the value of the background to something a bit lighter, so as to contrast with the tank.

A lighter background would definatley help us see what’s going on. The gun muzzle looks really mean. I like it. I also like the cable/pipe things that you attached to the hover pads and barrel.

On the other hand I’m personally not fond of the energy pipes. They restrict turret movement, and it doesn’t make sense to expose your ammunition. If you are just using them as greebles there are other options like engine intakes, engine exhausts, periscopes, hatches, acess panels, secondary weapons, smoke grenade launchers, periscopes, communications, radar, spotlights, rocket… you get the idea.

Finally I’m not sure this vehicle is best suited for the tank role. It is going to be naturally vunerable because of its hover pads, but it will be quite manuverable. Seeing as it is pilot-less you can cut corners and make it cheapley. Sounds to me more like a tank destroyer rather than a tank. Yeah, now there’s an image: dozens of the hover tank destroyers shooting across the horizon at break-neck speeds and elimitating sluggish enemies in a blaze of gunfire… followed by quickly making an exit before the target’s friends come for payback.