scifi street

im working on a scifi city street, here’s my current progress pic. im going to post back here with questions later on, but for the first question im wondering if anyone has any good metallic texture that will work for that building? when then final scene is finished, i want the metal to look a little glossy, and i dont want it to be dark and blade runner-esque, i want it to be bright and sunny. im going to work on lighting later, but for now i need some texture suggestions.

Try to give a look to the blender matlib:


Ciao ciao!

any ideas on textures? ive checked around a few texure sites, and sitll cant find the perfect texture for the building.

updated the image, any ideas for improvements so far?

ideas… hmm. hard to say because it’s your scene not mine, so I don’t know what you intended :wink: (and yet I ask other people the same for my works!)

well for a start, it’s too dark and too clean. Add some bits of paper or junk to the sidewalk. lightten the whole image (but that maybe can be done in postprocess). also, take one of those lamppost-things and maybe dim it. make them less uniform by a little. then maybe add someone accessing the Public Access Terminal… this could go a lot of places.

thanks. i’d say its only about 5% done. this is just one building or a of a whole street im working on. i also have to att neon text to the sign sticking out in the front.

i like that idea of making the one glow less dim, adding gum to the sidewalk and graffiti and such.

one question. im using the same material for all the halo glows in the little sidewalk lamps. how do i changes the settings on just one or two of them without making a separate material?

what’s wong with me textures? look at the “public access” sign and the terminal screen. why does that happen?

Very very nice, how have you done the glowing edges??

Keep it up

it’s a nice picture, but I don’t see how it’s sci fi at all… it looks just like a normal movie theatre to me… if the two public access things were ATMs it might actually b one… not to be mean or nething… but that’s just my two cents

This SO reminds me of some art from one of the shadowrun books :slight_smile: (shadowrun is a sci-fi/fantasy Role playing game set into the near future)

that or any other bladerunner/running man bad near future athmosphere

I think i gotcha now… near future sci fi… sorry whenever i hear sci fi I think like way future u kno? good pic i b quiet now :expressionless:

the glow is just the halo effect (halo size about .20). i basicallt just made a plane, deleted 3 of the 4 vertices, and extruded it around the area i wanted the neon lights. then i just subdivided form there until the whole thing looks like its made of all vertices. i did about 45 minutes of tweaking between amount of vertices and halo size. also, i added lots and lots of dim yellow lamps around the neon tubes.

this model is probably mostly based on blade runner, and just a little Deus Ex. yeah,. i say scifi because that’s what blade runner is categorized as. technically, its [blader runner] categorized as cyberpunk, but i dont think most of you would know what that is, so i just called it scifi. im still calling it scifi/cyberpunk because once my animation is finished, youll see why. i plan on making some futuristic cars/hovercars to add and some HK (hunter killer) security bots, like on deus ex invisible war, the kind that hover.

Nice start! :smiley: I really like the neon, the consoles, and the light posts. The mood is right. Yet, I think the materials on the building and the side walk are a little bland.

Think about how the building and the side walk would have been constructed (materials and methods). Is it a modern building made of modular concrete, glass, and steel components or is it an old hand built brick, stone, and mortar structure? For Blade Runner, you need a combination of both. I recommend looking for reference examples.

I like what you have here and I think it can become a great image.

i’d like to put cracks and imperfections into the street and sidewalk. that will be in my final revision though.

also, how do i make the street and sidewalk look rought? the texture isnt enough, i want it to look realistically bumpy.

Add “bump mapping”. Toggle the NOR button in the material panel for the street and sidewalk material. Adjust the NOR slider to increase the “bump mapping” effect.

i dont see a NOR button in the materials (F5) menu. i see a NOR button on the right in the “map input” tab, but i dont see a NOR slider, and once i click that nor button in the “map input” tab, the texture just turns gray.

Look at the bottom of the same window that that the “nor” Slider is located

thanks, i found it.

still progressing, im working on the second building now, maybe ill throw in a car a friend made.

whats wrong with the terminal textures? why is it looking so strange like that?

updated images almost daily now.

im wondering, its ery detailed as-is, and im trying to decide if i should make the doors (all of the doors in the scene) detailed or not. by detailed, i mean should i make keyholes and dents and dings. the scene is pretty complex already, and im not even 1/10 of the way done.

will people really notice the details in the doors or is there a quick and easy way to add the details that will take minimal rendering time?