SciFi Vehicle


this is a model from 2002 (!) of mine (was 17 years these days), that I am reactivating recently. Actually it’s the first time I am really trying texturing something in a realistic way, and I could need some advice. I am planning to use it for my portfolio. Any critic and advice is really welcome.

So far I managed to blend 3 simple textures via a black-and-white dirtmap created with some script: (only found working version for 2.63)

I am starting with texture painting in the blender viewport right now, what works really great!

More tutorials on texturing something like this would be really appriciated. May problem is, that I have quite a lot geometry, if I start painting everthing manually, it will take a month… but still a beginner at texturing. Hope you like the concept and modelling.

I am still not to sure about the story around the vehicle. Maybe it could work in the forest like in Avatar… maybe some nice contrast between mechanical and nature?

Thank you!

Well not everything in place yet - but rigging isn’t a problem :slight_smile:


and a last one

Oh and I know the tracks are unrealsitic. But they look nice :eyebrowlift:

I love the sense of detail, the hydraulic stuff is simply yummy! And the rig must be cool, would love to see that. As for the tracks, you can make them more realistic by simply having some spoke holding it down, right there in the bend.

I like the claw it has a nice techie look. The tracks don’ t bother. Thee is so much detail that you wont notice. Would be cool if you can place this in a nice sci fi scene.