Scissor Mechanism

Hi everyone,
I 've been trying to get some mechanism working: There shall be a Rod going from one point (Flatterlager 1l in the image) and one from a second point (Flatterlager 2l in the image). The two rods shall have the same fixed lenght. They shall be connected at their side which is not at the first or the second point, and shall keep their connection while the second point is moved away from the first. The first and the second point are parented to an object which is rotating upwards. How can I get this done correctly? Thanks in advance!!!




Use an armature with 2 bones (one for each rod), hinged in the middle (at the top) with an IK solver targetted at the second point. Parent the rods to the relevant bones to make them follow the armature without deforming.

I finally got it to work.