ScottishPig's Formula 1

(ScottishPig) #1

If it belongs to SP, it has to be a ship, right? NOPE. My F1, A land racing vehicle.


(SKPjason) #2

Dammit… errrrr…

“This page unavailable for viewing.”

I want to see your work… it’s historic… a non-ship render… why oh why do the computer Gods have this cruel humor…

Must keep trying… must keep hitting refresh…

Must see …

:smiley: Jason

(ScottishPig) #3

Geocities drill: Click and drag the 2 URLs to the title bar. THAT’s why it’s giving the ‘Page not Available’ Bullshit

(SKPjason) #4


And boy was it worth waiting for… so coool. so neatoooo… The reflections on the wood floor, the volumetric light seeping through the window… the absolutely incredibly amazing fact that the sails seem so real that I expect her to catch the wind any moment…

Great job as always.

Jason :wink:

(S68) #5


nice setting too, with volumetric light and all…


(stephen2002) #6

Insturctions on that car must read “Only use on windy days”. It probably would do find in the water as well.

The floor looks really good and some of the lighting looks good. The only comment I have is that the way the light is hitting the ceiling dosn’t look right. It looks like a bunch of spot lights hitting the ceiling, not light from windows.

(Eric) #7

I want to see your work… it’s historic… a non-ship render…

oh yeah?

nice floor ScottishPig! :stuck_out_tongue:

(ScottishPig) #8


THE WINDOWS ARE ARCHED. that’s not the curve of a spotlight- that’s the curve from the windows. You can see the wood beam in the window as a shadow in the ceiling if you’d look closer.

Would it look better with square windows?

(K-Rich) #9

Look good… except… the halo lamps are wrong… the light wouldn’t be comming srtaight in, it would be comming down at an angle…

(ScottishPig) #10

Thank you everyone- Your comments I shall take into consideration.

(wiensta) #11

Well, theres a formula for no. 1 place in the contest!


running low on jokes today.

(overextrude) #12

Very clever. 8) I like the wooden floor, the lighting, and the ‘not so contemporary’ look of the sails.

One comment…there should be a slightly dark shadow on the floor right where the wheels come in contact with floor itself. It will give the vehicle a sense of placement on the floor, rather than above it.