Scout - BG Contest Entry

So, I decided to take a shot at the Blender Guru - Ancient Civilization contest.
The plan is to create an image set in some medieval time period. It’s a pretty simple concept. A scout/archer is sent to get a visual on an enemy camp site in the middle of a meadow surrounded by forest. The scout will be kneeling in the brush on a hill looking slightly down on the camp in the distance. He will be hidden under a dark cloak that allows him to blend in with his dark surroundings of the night.

As of the beginning of this thread I am just trying to get my composition laid out and very simple assets as place holders.
Comments on anything and everything are appreciated. It’s going to be a long project and I am looking forward to your input.
Here we go!

I’m working on the grass right now but am having a bit of trouble. I’m using the latest default build of Blender and the GPU hair rendering. It works perfectly to a point. The first image I am posting is with 6,000 particles of hair (not including the children). The second image is when I tried making that amount 7,000 (or anything higher). It renders a black image every time. Does anyone know why this is? The help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:
This is with 6,000 particles:

This is with 7000 particles: