Scramble Addon [Blender2.8ver]

Packed with batch processing and detailed functions



We updated the scramble Addon, which is a blender 2.7x add-on by Saidenka, to Blender 2.83.
(The update work to Blender 2.8x was done by Mr. nikogoli and Bookyakuno)
(The original author github has been deleted)




  • Batch processing of modifiers, vertex groups, UVs, etc.
  • Image editing such as blurring, rotation, scaling, resizing of images
  • Open images and text with external software
  • Save 3D view perspective
  • Place the cursor of the UV editor on the top, bottom, left, right and corners
  • Lock vertex editing
  • Other detailed functions

Important point

Some features are not supported.
(There is no menu, an error is output even if there is a menu, it has been implemented as a standard function and is no longer needed, etc.
The version for Blender 2.8x has not been completely updated.
There are cases where there are no menus or buttons, or when there are buttons but they do not respond, or when they are implemented as Blender standard functions and the functions overlap.
I can’t completely handle it myself, so any bug reports or pull requests may be fixed.

  • (Example) Bake, texture list operation, association for each version of blender, object ID related operations are not loaded

List of Functions

“Properties” Area > “Bone Constraints” Tab

  • Quick child
    ―Quickly add child constraint
  • Set length of IK chain
    ―Chose second length of active bone IK chain to length to bones and set the
  • Set pole target of IK
    ―Chose second Paul target of active bone IK bones sets
  • Setting IK Paul angles
    ―Set auto-choice bone IK Paul angles

“Properties” Area > “Bone” Tab

  • Bone name to Clipboard
    ―Bone Name to Clipboard
  • Mirror Bone Name
    ―Flip active mirror bone name
  • Add text bone name
    ―Adds string to active bone name

“Properties” Area > “Bone” Tab > “Inverse Kinematics” Panel

  • Copy IK Setting
    ―Copies of other selected bone IK settings Active
  • Invert Minimum/maximum Angle
    ―Reverses minimum and maximum angle of IK setup this bone
  • Copy axis-setting to other axis
    ―Copy settings other axis from one axis
  • Reset IK Settings
    ―Reset this bone IK settings

“Properties” Area > “Bone” Tab > “Relations” Panel

  • Copy Relations Settings
    ―Copies of other selected bone affinity of active bone

“Properties” Area > “Bone” Tab > “Transform” Panel

  • Copy Bone Transform
    ―Copy selected bones of other active bone deformation information

“Properties” Area > “Bone” Tab > “Transform Locks” Panel

  • Copy Transform Locks Settings
    ―Copies of other selected bone lock setting active bone transform

“Properties” Area > “Armature” Tab > “Bone Groups” Panel

  • Show only bone in this bones group
    ―Group active on bones and bones of other hide
  • Show bone in bone group
    ―Active bone group show or hide

“Properties” Area > “Curve” Tab > “Geometry” Panel

  • Copy Geometry Settings
    ―Copy selection curve of other settings panel geometry of curve object is active
  • Activate taper object
    ―curve is specified as tapered object
  • Activate Bevel Object
    ―curve is specified as beveled objects
  • Used as taper curve to activate
    ―Activates curve as tapered object using this curve
  • Activate bevel curve object
    ―Activates curve as beveled objects using this curve

“Properties” Area > “Modifiers” Tab

  • Apply All Modifiers
    ―Applies to all modifiers of selected object
  • Remove All Modifiers
    ―Remove all modifiers of selected object
  • Switch Modifiers Apply/Unapply to View
    ―Shows or hides application to view all modifiers of selected object
  • Sync Modifiers Use
    ―synchronized modifier used when rendering selection / view
  • Toggle all modifiers expand/close
    ―Expand / collapse all modifiers of active objects to switch (toggle)
  • Apply modifiers + join
    ―integration from object’s modifiers to apply all
  • Auto rename modifier names
    ―Rename selected object modifier name refers to, for example,
  • Add Boolean
    ―Additional Boolean selected objects to an active object
  • Apply Boolean
    ―Apply to Boolean objects and other active objects
  • Set number of subdivision when rendering
    ―Sets number of subdivisions during rendering of selected object subsurfmodifaia
  • Sync subsurf level preview or rendering
    ―Set in same subdivision of subsurfmodifaia of selected object when you preview and rendering time
  • Set Optimization
    ―Sets optimization of subsurfmodifaia of selected object
  • Delete Subsurfs selected objects
    ―Removes selected object subsurfmodifaia
  • Add Subsurfs selected objects
    ―Add subsurfmodifaia to selected object
  • Set armature "Preserve Volume"
    ―Armtuamodifaia selected objects keep volume together off and on the
  • Quick Curve Transform
    ―Quickly apply curve modifier
  • Quick Array + Curve Transform
    ―Quickly apply curve modifier with modifiers array replication

“Properties” Area > “Armature” Tab > “Pose Library” Panel

  • Pose Library Sort
    ―Sorts by posing for an active pose library
  • To top/bottom pose of library
    ―Active pose of pose library moves to top/bottom

“Properties” Area > “Armature” Tab > “Shape” Panel

  • Copy Shape Settings
    ―Copy selected curve other active curve shape settings

“Properties” Area > “Object” Tab > “Transform” Panel

  • Shape key name from object name
    ―Same as object name name of shape key

“Properties” Area > “Armature” Tab > “Skeleton” Panel

  • View all bone layer
    ―All bone layer and then displays the

“Properties” Area > “Mesh” Tab > “UV Maps” Panel

  • Altogether Rename UV
    ―Renames selected objects within designated UV together
  • Delete UVs specify name
    ―Removes selection from UV same name as specified
  • Rename UV
    ―Renames active UV (UV texture also changes accordingly)
  • Remove Unused UV
    ―Active object material (UV is used in other parts disappear) delete unused UV coordinates to all
  • Move UV
    ―Sorts, by moving active object’s UV

“Properties” Area > “Mesh” Tab > “Vertex Colors” Panel

  • Move Vertex Color
    ―Move vertex color of active objects, sorts
  • Fill Vertex Color
    ―Vertex color of active object with specified color fills
  • Altogether add vertex colors
    ―Specify color and name all selected mesh object, adds vertex color

“Dope Sheet” Area > “Key” Menu

  • Delete KeyFrames (Non-Confirm)
    ―Delete without checking all selected keyframes
  • Cleaning up all keyframes
    ―Remove keyframe duplicates for all actions

“UV/Image Editor” Area > “Image” Menu

  • Image name from file name
    ―External images are using name of active image file name
  • Change all image names to used file name
    ―Names of all images using external image file name
  • Reload All Images
    ―Reloads all image data referring to external file
  • Override Color
    ―All over colors you specify active image
  • Fill With Color
    ―Fill with color image active all
  • Fill Transparent
    ―transparent parts of image are active in specified color fills
  • Normalize Image
    ―Normalize Active Image
  • Change name of image file
    ―Change file name of active image
  • Blur image (Note heavy)
    ―Blur Active Image
  • Flip Horizontally
    ―Reverse this image horizontally
  • Flip Vertically
    ―Reverse this image verticaliy
  • Rotate 90 Degrees
    ―Rotate active image 90 degrees
  • Rotate 180 Degrees
    ―Rotate active image 180 degrees
  • Rotate 270 Degrees
    ―Rotate active image 270 degrees
  • Edit by external editor (Advance)
    ―Open image in an external editor of additional files page of custom
  • Resize Image
    ―Resize Active Image
  • Copy Image
    ―Duplicate Active Image
  • New UV Grid
    ―UV grid to download from WEB, and create new images
  • Tile Image
    ―Array and scale-down active image
  • Blur Image Fast
    ―active image blur fast do
  • Create new noise image
    ―Add new noise image
  • Decolorize
    ―This decolor active image
  • Change size of image
    ―Change size active image

“UV/Image Editor” Area > “Select” Menu

  • Select Vertex Isolated
    ―Select vertices are isolated by seam

“UV/Image Editor” Area > “UV” Menu

  • Convert UV to mesh
    ―Converts new mesh to UV active
  • Resize UV Islands
    ―UV island into central position and resize

“UV/Image Editor” Area > “View” Menu

  • Reset Cursor Position
    ―Move 2D cursor in the lower left
  • Toggle Panel (mode A)
    ―properties/tool shelf “both display” / “both hide” toggle
  • Toggle Panel (mode B)
    ―“Panel both hide” => show only tool shelf => show only properties => “Panel both display” for toggle
  • Toggle Panel (mode C)
    ―“Panel both hide” => "show only tool shelf => show only properties. toggle
  • Switch panel pie menu
    ―Toggle panel pie menu

“Info” Area > “File” Menu

  • Restart
    ―Restart Blender
  • Load Last AutoSave
    ―Open latest file in order to restore automatically saved file
  • Save Without Confirm
    ―Save changes without displaying confirmation message
  • Open last used file
    ―Opens file at top of "recent files
  • Rename Data Names
    ―Rename using all of data is available
  • All on "Draw All Edges"
    ―Show all sides of all objects (can be off) turn display settings
  • Set all maximum drawing type
    ―Best drawing types for all objects in bulk set
  • All object name to data name
    ―Replaces object name that linked all object data (mesh data, etc.) name
  • On all material "Receive Transparent"
    ―You to receive semi-transparent shadow? "about whether all material (off) on the
  • Copy material color ramp settings
    ―Color ramp settings of active material is all material other (only selected objects are allowed) to copy
  • FreeStyle color of an active copy to other
    ―FreeStyle material active color for all materials other (only selected objects are allowed) to copy
  • FreeStyle color of all material diffuse color
    ―All material (only selected objects are allowed) for FreeStyle line color of material diffuse color + blend to replace
  • Enable object colors all material
    ―Sets color of all material objects or off the
  • Set all bump of quality
    ―Bump-map texture of all quality sets in bulk
  • All image file names to texture names
    ―names of all textures use external image file name
  • Fill active UV if blanks
    ―Under active UV texture UV specified fields is linked to an empty mesh object fills
  • Set start/end frame of physics
    ―Assign render start / end frames portions to set start / end frames, such as physics

“Info” Area > “File” Menu > “External Data” Menu

  • Resave textures folder, all images
    ―All external files referenced by image data to resave textures folder
  • isolate unused files in textures folder
    ―Files in textures folder with Blend files, do not use isolates them in backup folder
  • Open Text "Recent Files"
    ―Open “recent files” in Blender text editor
  • Open Text "Bookmarks"
    ―Blender text editor open file browser bookmarks

“3D View” Area > “Add” Menu > “Mesh” Menu

  • Square Polygon Sphere
    ―Add sphere mesh is composed only of quadrilateral polygon
  • Only Vertex
    ―Only 1 vertex meshes 3D adds to position of cursor
  • Isolate by vertex groups
    ―Create separate each part of vertex groups applied mesh group

“Info” Area > “Render” Menu

  • Set multi of resolution
    ―Set to be rendered settings resolution percentage?
  • Set Render Slot
    ―Sets slot to save rendering results
  • Switch Use Threads
    ―Toggles thread number of CPUS used to render
  • Set Subsurf levels during rendering
    ―Together sets granularity of Subsurf applied during rendering
  • Sync preview value when rendering Subsurf levels
    ―Granularity of Subsurf apply when rendering entire object sets level in preview

“Info” Area > “Window” Menu

  • Editor Type
    ―This is a pie menu of editor type change
  • Switch UI English/Japanese
    ―Switch interface English, Japan,

“Properties” Area > “Material” Tab > List Right ▼

  • Delete Non-assignment Material
    ―Delete all one assigned to surface material
  • Remove all material slots
    ―Delete all material slots for this object
  • Remove empty material slots
    ―Delete all material of this object has not been assigned material slots
  • Set transparent face back
    ―Sets shader nodes transparently mesh back
  • Slot to Top
    ―Active material slots on top moves
  • Slot to Bottom
    ―Move active material slot at bottom

“Properties” Area > “Object” Tab > ShapeKeys List Right ▼

  • Duplicate Shape Key
    ―Duplicate active shape key
  • Insert keyframes to all shapes
    ―Inserts keyframe for all shapes on current frame
  • Select Top
    ―Select top shape key
  • Select Bottom
    ―Select bottom shape key
  • Remove all shapes and hold current configuration
    ―Remove all shape key while maintaining shape of current mesh
  • Link shape keys same name by driver
    ―Behavior of selection of other shape key drivers link active object
  • Disable/Enable All Shapes
    ―All shape key to disable or enable the

“Properties” Area > “Object” Tab > VertexGroups List Right ▼

  • Delete empty vertex groups
    ―Remove weights assigned to mesh vertex groups
  • Add empty mirroring vertex group
    ―. L… R, add an empty pair of bones according to mandate rule in Miller’s new born
  • Select Top
    ―Select item at top of vertex groups
  • Select Bottom
    ―Select item at bottom of vertex groups
  • To Top
    ―Move to top active vertex groups
  • To Bottom
    ―Move to bottom vertex group active
  • Delete vertex groups contain specific text
    ―Removes all vertex group names contains specified string

“Node Editor” Area > “Node” Menu

  • Copy to other material shader node
    ―Copies of other material shader nodes are displayed

“Node Editor” Area > “View” Menu

  • Toggle Panel (mode A)
    ―properties/tool shelf “both display” / “both hide” toggle
  • Toggle Panel (mode B)
    ―“Panel both hide” => show only tool shelf => show only properties => “Panel both display” for toggle
  • Toggle Panel (mode C)
    ―“Panel both hide” => "show only tool shelf => show only properties. toggle

“Properties” Area > “Object” Tab

  • Object name to data name
    ―Set data name linked to object name
  • Data name to object name
    ―Sets data linked to object name
  • Copy Object Name
    ―Copy to Clipboard object name
  • Copy Data Name
    ―Copies data to Clipboard

“Properties” Area > “Object” Tab > “Display” Panel

  • Copy Display Setting
    ―Copy selected objects of other display settings

“Properties” Area > “Physics” Tab > “Cloth” Panel

  • Link Cloth Setting
    ―Cloth simulation for active object copies to other selected objects

“Properties” Area > “Physics” Tab > “Dinamic Paint” Panel

  • Copy Dynamic Paint Settings
    ―Dynamic paint on an active object copies to other selected objects

“Properties” Area > “Physics” Tab > “Force Fields” Panel

  • Copy ForceField Settings
    ―Copy selection of other force field for active object

“Properties” Area > “Physics” Tab > “Rigid Body” Panel

  • Copy rigid body setting
    ―Copy selected objects of other rigid set of active objects

“Properties” Area > “Physics” Tab > “Rigid Body Constraint” Panel

  • Copy rigidbody constraints settings
    ―Copies selected objects for other rigid constraints on active object
  • Reset rigid body constraint limits
    ―Initializes rigid constraints of active object limit settings group
  • Invert rigidbody constraints limits
    ―Minimum limit settings of rigid constraints of active object and reverses maximum

“Properties” Area > “Physics” Tab > “Soft Body” Panel

  • Copy Soft Body Settings
    ―Sets active object soft copies to other selected objects

“Properties” Area > Header

  • Switch Properties Tab
    ―Switch properties tab in turn

“Properties” Area > “Render” Tab > “Bake” Panel

  • New image for bake
    ―New images used to bake quickly, is available

“Properties” Area > “Render” Tab > “Render” Panel

  • Background Rendering
    ―Renders current blend file from command line

“Properties” Area > “Scene” Tab > “Rigid Body World” Panel

  • Recreate RigidBody World
    ―Keep setting, recreate rigid world
  • Set start/end frames rigid body world
    ―Start / end frame rigid world of sets to start / end frame rendering

“Properties” Area > “Texture” Tab > List Right ▼

  • Image File name to Texture Name
    ―file name of external images using name of active texture
  • Clear all texture slots
    ―Empties all active material texture slots
  • To Top
    ―Move active texture slot at top
  • To Bottom
    ―Move active texture slot to bottom
  • Remove Invalid Texture
    ―Removes all textures have turned off
  • Cut empty texture slots
    ―No texture is assigned an empty texture slots will be filled, truncated
  • Delete Below Here
    ―Remove all active texture slot below

“Properties” Area > “Texture” Tab > “Image” Panel

  • Texture images show in UV / image editor
    ―Image is used in active texture shows UV / image editor
  • Texture paint by this texture
    ―Active texture provides texture paint

“Properties” Area > “Texture” Tab > “Mapping” Panel

  • Use Active UV
    ―Active UV mesh used in this slot

“Text Editor” Area > “Text” Menu

  • Edit with external editor
    ―Open text in an external editor you set on files page of custom

Undisplay Commands

  • Scroll End
    ―Scroll to bottom of screen

“User Prefences” Area > Header

  • Switch user prefences tab
    ―Cycles user settings tab
  • Search Key Bind
    ―Find matching key bindings you set assignment
  • Clear Search Shortcuts
    ―Remove string used to search for shortcuts
  • Close all key configs
    ―Collapses all game menu
  • Show shortcut list by browser
    ―Can confirm Blender all shortcuts in browser
  • Create Shortcut by Last Command
    ―Last command create shortcut
  • Non-Assigning Shortcuts List
    ―Information area shows key assignments in current editing mode without
  • Import Key Config XML
    ―game reads in XML format
  • Export Key Config XML
    ―Game save in XML format
  • Move shortcut expanded to other categories
    ―Move key assignments that expand into other categories
  • Update Blender-Scramble-Addon
    ―Downloads, updates and check out Blender-Scramble-Addon
  • Toggle "On/Off Additional Items"
    ―Show or hide turn on/off additional items button at end of menu by ScrambleAddon

“User Prefences” Area > “File” Tab

  • .blend file associated with this version
    ―(WindowsOS only) associated with Blender running file.blend file
  • Backup Files with This Blender Version
    ―associates with Blender running file backup file, such as.blend1.blend2 (WindowsOS only)

“3D View” Area > “Armature Editor” Mode > “W” Key

  • Select Bones Mirroring
    ―Mirrored at any axes selected bone
  • Bone name to Clipboard
    ―Copies Clipboard name of active bone
  • Replace bone names by regular expression
    ―In bone name (of choice) to match regular expression replace
  • Rename bone symmetry position
    ―Bone is located opposite X axis selection in bone "1.R longs 1.L ’ of so versus the
  • Extend Bone
    ―Stretch new bone in direction of selected bone

“3D View” Area > “Armature Editor” Mode > “Shift + W” Key

  • Set Bone Names
    ―name of selected bone sets together
  • Set Curve Bones
    ―Bones of selected curve born sets
  • Set Rolls
    ―Set selected bone rolls

“3D View” Area > “Armature Editor” Mode > “Armature” Menu

  • Delete bone without confirm
    ―Remove bones without confirm

“3D View” Area > “Mesh Editor” Mode > “Mesh” Menu

  • Switch mesh select mode
    ―Mesh selection mode => top => side surface. Switch and
  • Mesh Selection Mode
    ―Mesh select pie menu
  • Proportional Edit
    ―Is pie menu proportional edit

“3D View” Area > “Mesh Editor” Mode > “X” Key

  • Remove same element to selection mode
    ―Same mesh selection mode of current element (vertex and side and side) remove
  • Remove Hidden Meshes
    ―Delete all are mesh

“3D View” Area > “Mesh Editor” Mode > “Mesh” Menu > “Show/Hide” Menu

  • Invert Show/Hide
    ―Invert show or non-show state
  • Hide Only Vertex
    ―Hide and Fix Selected vertices
  • Hide Selected Parts
    ―Hides mesh part has selected more than one top

“3D View” Area > “Mesh Editor” Mode > “W” Key

  • Paint out selected vertex color
    ―Active vertex colors for selected vertices with specified color fills
  • Select shape at top
    ―Schipke is at top of list, select
  • Transition modifiers apply to editing cage
    ―Toggles whether to apply modifiers to total en bloc spondylectomy in editing
  • Toggle Mirror Modifiers
    ―Delete if not Miller modifier added, Yes
  • Fill selected vertices average weight
    ―Fills selected vertex, vertices weighted average

“3D View” Area > “Mesh Editor” Mode > “Ctrl + V” Key

  • Separate (Advance)
    ―Isolate to another object of call extended menu
  • Selected (Activate Isolated-side)
    ―After “in choice of separation” enters edit mode for separation side
  • Duplicate Selected parts and to new object
    ―Enters edit mode, replication and selection to new object from
  • Quick Shrinkwrap
    ―Another one you mesh selected vertices pettanko!, glue

“3D View” Area > “Object” Mode > “Ctrl + L” Key

  • Sync Object Name
    ―Link name of active object to other selected objects
  • Set Same Layer
    ―link active object layers to other selected objects
  • Make same objects display setting
    ―Copy settings panel of active object to other selected objects
  • Link empty UV map
    ―Empty, add UV active objects to other selected objects
  • Link motion of armature
    ―By constraints on other selected armature mimic active armature movement
  • Link Transform
    ―Information of active object copies to other selected objects

“3D View” Area > “Object” Mode > “Object” Menu

  • Copy
    ―Pie object copy is
  • Object Modes
    ―Is pie menu objects in interactive mode
  • Subsurf Setting
    ―Is pie menu to set Subsurf levels
  • Maximum Draw Type
    ―Is pie menu to set up drawing type
  • Delete Without Confirmation
    ―Deletes object without displaying confirmation message when deleting

“3D View” Area > “Object” Mode > “Ctrl + A” Key

  • Apply Location/Rotation/Scale
    ―Applies to object position / rotation / Pan

“3D View” Area > “Object” Mode > “Object” Menu > “Show/Hide” Menu

  • Show Hidden (non-select)
    ―Does not display objects were hidden again, select
  • Invert Show/Hide
    ―Flips object’s view state and non-State
  • Hide only type of objects
    ―Hides object of specific type are displayed
  • Hide except type of objects
    ―Hides object non-specific type that is displayed

“3D View” Area > “Object” Mode > “W” Key

  • Weight Transfer
    ―From mesh during selection of other active forwarding weight paint
  • Toggle Smooth/Flat
    ―Toggles selected mesh object smooth / flat state
  • Transfer Vertex Group
    ―Transfers to other selected mesh vertex group active mesh
  • Fill average weight of all vertices
    ―In average weight of all, fills all vertices
  • Hook Metaballs
    ―Have made new metaballs to vertices of selected mesh object
  • Metaballs to GreasePencil
    ―metaballs align with active grease pencil
  • Creating an armature to mimic mesh deformation
    ―Creates new armature to follow active mesh objects
  • Create bone to vertices of vertex groups
    ―Create vertex group names bone vertices where vertex group of selected objects that are assigned
  • Create line drawing by solidify modifier
    ―Add to thicken modi contour drawing selection
  • Limit Rendering Selected
    ―setting does not render selected object
  • Or to render “show / hide” to sync
    ―Synchronize display / hide status and whether or not to render objects in current layer
  • Clear all selected limits
    ―Removes all non-select settings (vice versa)
  • Limit select to non-selected
    ―Cannot select object other than selection of
  • Limit Select
    ―Can’t select selected object
  • Replace object names by regular expression
    ―Name of currently selected object replace with regular expressions
  • Sync object name and data name
    ―same object and data names for selected objects
  • Enable object color + set color
    ―Object color of selected object and sets color,
  • Disable object color + set color
    ―To disable object color of selected object, sets color
  • Applied Modifiers and Create Parent
    ―Create parent/child relationship after applying modifiers of parent object
  • Create rope-shaped mesh from curves
    ―Creates mesh like rope along curve object is active or snake new
  • Bevel object move section
    ―Curve beveled objects that move and selection curve section

“3D View” Area > “Weight Paint” Mode > “Weights” Menu

  • Combine Weights
    ―Weight of selected bone and same vertex group merges
  • Subtraction Weights
    ―Subtracts weight of selected bone and same vertex groups
  • Fill average weight of all vertices
    ―In average weight of all, fills all vertices
  • Paint objects overlap
    ―I painted weight of portion that overlaps other selected objects
  • Vertex Group Blur
    ―Blurs active or all vertex groups

“3D View” Area > “Pose” Mode > “Pose” Menu > “Constraints” Menu

  • IK Rotation Limit to Constraints
    ―Copy rotation constraint restrictions IK rotation restriction settings

“3D View” Area > “Pose” Mode > “Pose” Menu > “Show/Hide” Menu

  • Selected to Unselectible
    ―Choose bone has selected impossible
  • Unlock All Unselect
    ―non-selection of all bone

“3D View” Area > “Pose” Mode > “W” Key

  • Create CustomShape
    ―Creates choice bone shape
  • Create mesh for weight copy
    ―Creates mesh to use with copy of selected bone weight
  • Bone name to Clipboard
    ―Copies Clipboard name of active bone
  • Fit chain of bones to grease pencil
    ―Select bones linked like chain of threading to grease pencil, pose
  • Replace bone names by regular expression
    ―In bone name (of choice) to match regular expression replace
  • Set SlowParent
    ―Sets selected bone slow parent
  • Bone name XXX. R => XXX_R juggling
    ―Bone name XXX. R => conversion XXX_R
  • Enable/Disable Pose
    ―Toggles pose/rest position of armature
  • Copy constraints to mirror bone
    ―“X.L” If “X.R”, “X.R” bone “X.L” name copy constraints
  • Remove bone name serial number
    ―Attempts to get rid of numbers from bone with sequential number, such as "X.001
  • Set Rigid Body
    ―Sets by RigidBody physics led of selected bone set,
  • Now pose to rotation limit
    ―Current bone rotation sets to rotation limit constraints and IK

“3D View” Area > “Mesh Edit” Mode > “Select” Menu

  • Select Vertex X=0
    ―Select vertex of X=0
  • Select Right Half
    ―Select right half of mesh (other settings too)

“3D View” Area > “Object” Mode > “Select” Menu

  • Compare size and select objects
    ―Select maximum objects larger or smaller objects
  • Non-active to Non-select
    ―Uncheck everything except for active object
  • Select object same name
    ―Select visible object of active object with same name, such as (X.001 X X.002)
  • Select objects of same material structure
    ―Select active object material structure and same visible objects
  • Select same modifier structure object
    ―Select same modifier of active objects visible objects
  • Select same subsurf level object
    ―Select Subsurf levels of active objects have same visible objects
  • Select objects that transform in same armature
    ―Select visible objects are transformed in an active object with same armature
  • Compare size and select objects
    ―Greater than active object, or select additional small objects
  • Select face exist mesh
    ―Select mesh more than one face
  • Select edge only mesh
    ―Terms, select only side mesh
  • Select only vertices of mesh
    ―Surfaces and edges, select mesh vertices only
  • Select mesh even non vertex
    ―Surface and edge and select mesh object vertex is not empty

“3D View” Area > “Pose” Mode > “Select” Menu

  • Select Numbered Bone
    ―Select bones with number names (example x.001)
  • Symmetrical bones move select
    ―If you select X.R change selection to X.L, X.L if to X.R
  • Select bone same constraints
    ―Select additional bone with active bone and same kind of constraint
  • Select bone of same name
    ―Select bones same names (example X X.001 X.002)
  • Select add name symmetrical bone
    ―If you select X.R X.L also selected X.R X.L you select additional
  • Select end of bone
    ―Select bones child-child child’s bones. And we will select to end
  • Select root of bone
    ―Choice bones parent => parent of parent bone. And we will select to end
  • Select path of bones
    ―Select bones path
  • Select Right Half
    ―Select right half of bone (other settings are also available)
  • Select bone and path
    ―Select path to it, select cursor part bone and

“3D View” Area > “Shift + S” Key

  • 3D Cursor Snap to Mesh
    ―(Please use shortcuts) mesh surface under mouse move 3D cursor
  • 3D cursor to view
    ―Move 3D cursor to location of center point of
  • Hide 3D Cursor (move far)
    ―Pretend to hide 3D cursor to move far far away

“3D View” Area > “Mesh Edit” Mode > “U” Key

  • Copy from other UV
    ―Active UV unwrapping of selection can be copied from other UV

“3D View” Area > “View” Menu

  • Global / local view (non-zoom)
    ―Displays only selected objects and centered point of view doesn’t (zoom)
  • Toggle Panel (mode A)
    ―properties/tool shelf “both display” / “both hide” toggle
  • Toggle Panel (mode B)
    ―“Panel both hide” => show only tool shelf => show only properties => “Panel both display” for toggle
  • Toggle Panel (mode C)
    ―“Panel both hide” => "show only tool shelf => show only properties. toggle
  • Shading Switch (Mode A)
    ―“Wireframe”, “solid” => “texture” shading… We will switch
  • Preset View
    ―Is pie menu of preset views or (NUMPAD 1, 3, 7)
  • Shading Switch
    ―Is shading switch pie
  • Layer Pie Menu
    ―Is pie menu toggle layer visibility
  • Switch panel pie menu
    ―Toggle panel pie menu

“3D View” Area > “View” Menu > “Align View” Menu

  • Show Selected (non-zoom)
    ―Selected ones over center of 3D perspective not (zoom)
  • Viewpoint at Origin
    ―3D view perspective moves in center of coordinates
  • Select and Set view center
    ―Select object under mouse, in heart of point of view (SHIFT while additional choices)
  • Snap view to mesh
    ―(Please use shortcuts) move center point of view mesh surface under mouse
  • Invert View
    ―This reverses present view
  • 3D cursor with viewpoint at origin
    ―Perspective and 3D cursor position move to starting point (XYZ=0.0)
  • Snap mesh view and 3D cursor
    ―(Please use shortcuts) move viewpoint and 3D cursor mesh surface under mouse

“3D View” Area > “View” Menu > “Align View” Menu > “Align View to Active” Menu

  • View Front
    ―watch face from selected surface normal direction

“3D View” Area > Properties > Layer Buttons Panel

  • Toggle Show/Hide Groups
    ―Switch Show / Hide group

“3D View” Area > “Texture Paint” Mode > Tool Shelf > “Slots” Panel

  • Paint Active Texture Slot
    ―active texture slot slot active paint

“UV/Image Editor” Area > “Image” Menu

  • Quick Edit (Advance)
    ―Do quick editing in an external editor of additional files page of custom

“3D View” Area > Properties > “View” Panel

  • Save View
    ―Save current 3D view perspective
  • Load View
    ―Load to current 3D view perspective
  • Delete View Save
    ―Removes all view save data