Scrap Attack - Animation for Blend.Polis-Team-Contest

First I wanna wish you all a merry christmas.
At Blend.Polis, the German Blender-Forum, there was a team-contest for the last 7 weeks and I made a small film with three other guys (don´t know if they are also members here, Walross, HuggyBear and Schwenk). And we are are all a little bit proud of it. So it is a pleasure for us to present it also to you :smiley:
We hope you will enjoy it…

Big version:
Scrap Attack 640x480 (27,49 MB)

Small version:
Scrap Attack 320x240 (9,25 MB)

And the link to Youtube (where it has the worst quality):

very cool, you guys did very well on this.
Thanks for sharing.
I like the bomb and use of wave effect and the overall cartoon feel is done great.

Awesome use of expressions usings the eyes!!! That was very well done, expecially the quivers of the bottom lid!

I found the Sound Effect when the yellow guy turns his head very out of place, but other than that it was well put together!


The texturing was awesome, and I was very impressed by how professional the animation of the robots looked. Great job!

Make the sky move so it doesnt seem so static. Ambient Occlusion on too. Nice animation.

That was some really nice animating, especially the eyes of the little robot. I also liked the atmosphere and general feel of it. My only critique is the (technical) quality of the sound track, maybe compress it a little less to avoid artifacts…

Thank you all for your comments.
The guy who made the sound didn´t have much time, because I wasted it for animating the robots :smiley: . So what he did, was the best he could in this time!