Scrap Collector

(Mobin) #1

So far:


Here is a drawing I did a year ago and right now I’m making it 3d.

day 2:
close up:

lighting changed by mistake! :stuck_out_tongue:

Any ideas to make the hair look better? it looks super flat!

(Mobin) #2

blender is so sluggish with texture painting!

  • I wish blender had symmetry in image painter! (3d painter is sluggish for big brushes)

(Mobin) #3

ahhh well it took so long!

(Mobin) #5

ty for your time with good criticisms. :pray:
I’ll try them as soon as my 16h/day, 35$/month job let me finish this work! :man_office_worker:

also looking forward to make all of my drawings from my serving time in the army come to life :smiley:

(Mobin) #6

After days I found some time to spare on this.

Updated the face:

(Mobin) #7

Head retexture and retopo
adjusted materials.

(Mobin) #8

from now I think I make what ever I like on the model (just like the drawing)

face, mat, hdri and clothing change…
planning to do a better and proper clothing!

(Mobin) #9

(Mobin) #10

reworked face textures + hair:

(Mobin) #11