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(Mobin) #1

So far:


Here is a drawing I did a year ago and right now I’m making it 3d.

day 2:
close up:

lighting changed by mistake! :stuck_out_tongue:

Any ideas to make the hair look better? it looks super flat!

(Mobin) #2

blender is so sluggish with texture painting!

  • I wish blender had symmetry in image painter! (3d painter is sluggish for big brushes)

(Mobin) #3

ahhh well it took so long!

(Para) #4

Let me start by saying, the idea and original drawing for the model are really good. There is a ton of potential with this and I’m excited to see where you go next. Now on to the criticisms:

I think you might have to work on smoothing out the details on the face. In the reference, the face looks a lot smoother and frankly a lot better than in the sculpt.

The chin also looks way too pronounced and it kind of juts out of the model. A better modification you could make is to make the chin smoother and more angular. (i.e. Aloy from HZD by Guerrilla Games).

While I don’t actually know the age of the character, the reference looks way younger than the model. You should try smoothing out the wrinkles and creases, as they look pretty jarring when comparing it to the rest of the mesh. In addition, you might want to turn down the glossy on the fabric clothing and a tad on the skin.

Other than that, I really like the concept behind the character! I hope you make some adjustments and make something that you’re really proud of. I’m looking forward to see what you do next!

On a personal preference, I think you might be better off not going for a realistic style and instead going for a more cartoony or stylistic look. I really like the original drawing and I think the model would look way better if done in a more cartoony style. In essence, make the character feel like she is coming off of the page. This way you can keep the model’s detail pretty low and still get a better result. It would also make it easier to work with (and rig) and would be harder to screw up (you don’t have to pass the uncanny valley if you never cross it). If you are going to continue with a realistic look, I would recommend basing your style off of Blizzard’s work in the WoW commercials or their work in the Overwatch shorts. Their art style might be closer to what you should go for (especially the WoW material).

(Mobin) #5

ty for your time with good criticisms. :pray:
I’ll try them as soon as my 16h/day, 35$/month job let me finish this work! :man_office_worker:

also looking forward to make all of my drawings from my serving time in the army come to life :smiley:

(Mobin) #6

After days I found some time to spare on this.

Updated the face:

(Mobin) #7

Head retexture and retopo
adjusted materials.

(Mobin) #8

from now I think I make what ever I like on the model (just like the drawing)

face, mat, hdri and clothing change…
planning to do a better and proper clothing!

(Mobin) #9