Scrapyard-Beach Robot Uprising

Some animation work for a music video.

Had some problems with tracking - Dan Hart shot the video with a fish-eye lens zoomed in, which made everything harder. He didn’t know I would be putting CGI on later. On the first shot I had to position the robot’s hind legs by hand frame by frame.

Design and animation by Mike Futcher

Live-action video by Dan Hart

Robot built using components from Custom KL2 Diesel tractor by Betasector

This is CGI work for a future music video.

I like it, it reminds me of an older movie, batteries not included.

Looks o.k.

Your robot is fine, it’s the camera footage that is way too fast and shaky, thus the movement of the robot just doesn’t fit.

The last scene with the multiple robots is missing shadows to be convincing.

Dennis Muren taught me this. You have to match your shadow density to insert 3d into live action.