Screaming Foot Blender 2.8

Animated scene HERE

Some other blender personal projects

Hi, this is a short scene i have been working on in the past few months practicing blender features and learning new skills.

The project consists of:

  • Sculpting (for the foot) & Modeling the entirety of the scene from scratch
  • Texturing using photos (of my foot and mouth) taken with a smartphone and edited in Photoshop to extract the various needed maps.
    -Rigging (robotic arms, lights, foot, mouth)
    -Practicing manual animation of the robotic arms and the “screaming foot” (no mocap)
    -Rendered in Eevee in aprox 3.4h (in cycles it could take up to 250+h to achieve “acceptable” quality)
    Sound effects partially recorded with smartphone and edited with “Audacity”
    I hope you guys find it interesting and you can see some behind the scenes footage in the video.

This makes me very uncomfortable, I love it.

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oh … i used to like feet… but i am not sure anymore !!!
nice work !!!

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weird and funny, it made me laugh. :laughing: great job.

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i don’t know what i was thinking…

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