Screen datablock question...

Hi all…

Im back with another question regarding JWs tut. :smiley:

(Id PM JW himself but I dont think he`s on here that often?)

In part 6 he`s set up two different screens, one with the original car views and background images named “Car”:

And another with different views and background images of just the car wheels, from front and side view iirc named “Car wheel”:

These screens are set up in the “Screens datablock” as shown in the red circle.

Could someone kindly explain how I set up these two different screens with their corresponding background images?

JW does not go into setting them up in the tut and I`ve searched for info on how to go about it but not come up with anything that has helped so far.

As this is about setting up screens in Blender I thought Id post it in this forum, I hope thats correct.

Hope someone can shed some light on this for me.


Press the + button, name your layout, configure background images. Repeat.

Thanks for the reply JA12.

I actually found that page when searching and tried it but I`ve obviously done something wrong somewhere as I seemed to lose the background images from the “Car” screen… :spin:

Anyway, I`ll try again.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

Ah. Yeah. If you drag and drop an image on the viewport it mysteriously disappears sometimes.
If you set the images from the properties panel (N), they should stay put.