Screen position software?

I recently bought a new video card that has a DVI output and I would like to use my HDTV as a monitor.

So I hook everything up, turn it on, and it turns out the screen is a little to the left.

No big deal, I’ll just look through the TV’s menu options and see if I can move the screen over a little. Guess what? I cant. There aren’t any options that allow me to move the position of the screen or resize it. I’ve looked through the whole manual and there’s nothing on this.

I figured the ATI Catalyst software would have some kind of option for me to reposition the screen but unfortunately it dosent. I’ve searched google for hours and cant find exactly what im looking for.

So im wondering, do any of you blenderheads out there know of any kind of screen positioning software that will allow me to change the position and size of the screen?

For those of you who are looking to get a new HDTV, beware of the RCA brand. Make sure it has all the options you need before purchasing so you dont end up in this situation.

Thanks in advance for any help = )

Well, this is a first. There is always a center screen option. Are you sure you checked properly under the menu? This sort of stuff is usually not mentioned in manuals, or very fleetingly so.

I did some research and the closest thing I found to a solution was this:

But when I follow those instructions, the service menu dosent even show up. The TV turns on like its supposed to but I dont get a service menu (which is different from the normal TV options menu).

I have the same model as the guy who posted in the highdef forums. From what I’ve read, im not the only one with the same problem, I’ve seen posts by other people saying they cant access the service menu either.

I’m really hoping someone out there knows how I can do this through the PC…

hmm since catalyst 7.3 there should be a screen positioning tool in the catalyst control center. it was there before but with 7.3 they fixed a bug with it.
Its definately included for old CRT screens with analog connection… unfortunately i trashed all my ATI cards so i cant try it :confused:

I have a Sony HDTV. It can even read music and stuff from USB.
I don’t know any solution to your problem except getting a new TV…

What resolution are you running at?

I think those options are only available for the VGA output on the card. I don’t see them for DVI. They recently updated the Catalyst software so I’ll try that and see if they added it.

I’ll let you know if it works = )

1920x1080 = )

The picture looks great but its still off to the side.

If I cant find some kind of software that will do this, I think I’ll just take my tv to the shop and see what they can do with it.

I still have my fingers crossed :slight_smile:

I suggest changing the resolutions, start from 800x600 & working your way up. Sometimes it can be a odd resolutions that can cause problems. Though it’s usually is lower resolutions that cause picture position problems.

Since this is a rear projection TV, there’s also the fact that the screen will have a certain amount of ‘dead space’ around the edges. on a 1920x1080 CRT screen, you end up losing about 20 or so ‘pixels’ worth of information on each of the 4 sides of the screen: left right top and bottom. I hooked up my own Sony CRT HDTV via an Nvidia card and was met with the same sort of issue, but it wasn’t THAT severe. It cut a little into my left-most desktop icons and the bottom bar / start menu was obscured a little, but the overall quality was not really degraded that much for it.

Is the TV set to mirror another monitor’s output, is it set to extend another monitor, or is it the sole monitor? Another note is that while 1920 HDTV’s will look totally awesome for movies, games and crap like that, I’ve found that typing on my TV or reading - even at 1920x1080 - is very difficult without having the larger text options on (under the accessability options in Windoes XP, i believe… I haven’t looked in a while…)

So while I wish you luck, I honestly don’t know if what you’re experiencing is actually a glitch with the PC / TV. I think it’s just the difference between TV’s and monitors and why people normally use monitors for PC use (and why they’re so much more expensive)