Screen recorder for Blender?

Hello, i’m having trouble placing this question. I tried to put it in the tutorial area but it seems that that is ‘only’ for submitting tutorials and not asking questions like this.

Some of my old screen recorder i’ve used in the past are bugging out and just getting overall frustrating.

Do any of you have a recommendation of a decent screen recorder i could use for recording blender?

Thank you (:

i use open broadcaster

ALT+F3 ?

Thank you (:
Both of you (:

The OBS one looks complicated and hard to understand at first but after a tutorial or two it is looking fantastic and i’m excited :smiley:

And i was aware of the screen cast keys but i didn’t know that quick way of getting it up. So that’s nice too (:

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I’m searching for a good screencast system as well. But I’m using Linux for my quadcore, so open broadcaster is failing.

While recordmydektop works, I have not been able to find a solution that records lossless video. All the commandline solutions with ffmpeg I found are not too elaborate. And last time i tried I just got error messages.

Linux, lossless and easy would be my dream.

Since my crowdfunding campaign relies a lot on videotuts, I’d like to find a stable and working linux solution soon. Any help is greatly appreciated. Biggest drag is that there’s neither Internet connection nor electricity for my quadcore, oh well…

After reading through other threads, I have to recheck ffmpeg and X11grab.

Thanks to Nathan Vegdahl and D.Revoy - there’s a python script which works quite good using ffmpeg under the hood

Edit: Thanks to LordOdin’s link to OBS (which is win still) dug out another interesting thing:
No hassle to install, point and click. Not much extras but works fine. Linux.

You will find Ezvid very good for what you want.
It also allows you to speed up the video for projects that may take some time.
You can find it here!..

ActivePresenter does pretty much everything I need, and it’s free version is more than most people need.
Has complete editor built in also. Comparable to Camtasia Studio.

Tho Bandicam does a fine dob of compressing on the fly if you are looking for something simple stupid, but the video output has watermark if not licensed and runs about $40.

I think CamStudio, there’s also a lossless codec and for smoothest recording Beepa fraps is best, it capture OpenGL output, commercial, but it requires a blender hack to prevent framerate drops to 0 when mouse moves but nothing of UI has to changed-look like record lags otherwise.
TechSmith Camtasia, provided plenty of features, but unfortunately slows encoding.