screen recorder

what is the most appropriate software for recording voice and video on computer,the one that does not take much CPU or GPUso that you can have good video ?

For Linux recordmydesktop

Some notes and how to edit in blender after

I’ve had best luck with SimpleScreenRecorder, but I think it is only for Linux.

On Windows Camtasia is the most popular, though I think it’s awful for how much it costs. CamStudio is an Open Source one, but is pretty complicated. I think VLC can record the screen too but I haven’t ever tried it.

No idea what is available for Mac.

The Quicktime player that ships with OSX Mavericks also has a built int free screen recorder.

I use FFsplit its free it is very flexible and can also stream.

for windows i recommend on

For Windows:

I use CamStudio for Windows. It works well, is pretty easy to configure as well. As far as a recorder that “doesn’t take much CPU”, you’re out of luck. It’s not the screen recording software that eats resources, it’s the fact that you’re grabbing the entire screen, 10 times per second, and encoding it to a video file. There’s not really much you can do other than to have a newer machine. Give it a try… and see where you’re at. In other words, run whatever software you plan to run in the video, then start the video, do a bit of a test, test the audio as well and see what you get. Running a screen recorder along with blender and perhaps photoshop and maybe a few web pages can bog things down. One thing you can do is create multiple videos running just the software you need for that section, then stitch them together with Blender’s (really nice) video sequencer.

For Windows ‘FastStone Capture’ 19.95 US for life. You might consider putting your location on here. For that matter the forum might consider some general information being required. As in Ohio (The state) and not a specific location.

If you got a recent Nvidia card you could use Shadowplay.
The last version (Geforce experience 2.0) allows desktop recording.

Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder is an excellent free screen recording software that enables you to record whatever you are seeing and doing on your PC screen. It supports to capture onscreen activities in different modes, which includes Full Screen, Region, a single window or any areas where your mouse cursor moves. You also have the option to record video call with your family or friends that performed via your webcam. You can choose to record screen videos with audio simultaneously from system, microphone, or both on condition that you set the “Audio Input” based on your preferences. After recording, the videos will be saved as standard WMV files so that you can upload them to YouTube (allows on YouTube) and share with audiences instantly.

Wow - I didn’t know that - thanks for the tip, I find that super useful!