Screen resolution?

Hey all,

Just curious to everyone’s screen resolution.
Personally I am at 1600x1200, and loving it :).


Surely one needs to know the monitor size too though?

I run 1024x768 on a 15 inch monitor.

Yup, I ran 1280x1024 on the 19" here at work and 1152xcan’tremember
on the 17" at home!


I’m using a 640 x 480 12" monitor with a green ASCII char set.


Coool! Must be good for displaying classic smileys on!







I’m running 1280 x 1024 on a 19" at work.

1280 x 1024 on a 17" at home.


1152x864 on a 17" moni under Linux and 1024x768 under Windows. 1024x768 under Linux looks so, uhm, small compared to Win, don’t know why :o

Whilst on the topic…
Does ANYONE here use 640x480?

If so, you’ll have ot use higher to use the Blendex (Should I ever finish it…)


I deeply pity you

and me too

wanna have 19"

sobbing… :frowning:

i run 1280x1024 on a 19 inch :slight_smile: could run at 1600x1200 but just don’t… to lazy to read small icons :slight_smile: or to make em bigger

I run in 800*600 on a 15" (i think) monitor.


Hmmmm, an I-Think monitor. I hear those ae really good. Who makes them? Apple?

:smiley: that´s a good one…

1024x768 on a 17" - i too am too lazy to make my text bigger to help my eye strain :slight_smile:

Well… I had to use 1024x768. I use it at school.

At home I run 30720x23040. Makes the text harder to see, but the graphics are sahweet!

BTW: uoy ot gniyl ma i

who’s the lucky beggar with high definition support then (the one 1920x sommin)?

i hate you whoever you are

I wish I had a nice, big Apple Studio monitor. (Along with their new Powerbook, for that matter…)

drools :o

I am running 1024x768 on a 19 inch.
I’ve had magnetic discolourations onit for about a year now, and I have not bothered to have it serviced - I think it gives the monitor a personality…although it’s really annoying when yellow turn to red on some parts of the screen, and green becomes yellow :smiley:

I voted the next step bigger then 1024 x 768. Truth is, that IS my personal choice for resolution, (15 inch) but recently I jacked it up one notch, to 1152 x 864. That way it’s easier to do Flash, Blender.

ScottishPig, do you REALLY have that high of a resolution? I’ve never heard of that! How big moniter???

1152x768 for the desktop, but most app’s maximize to 1024x768.