'screen shot' concept art

While I have not done a whole lot of posting here, I do a lot of work in blender, including projects under the brand of a full-service design firm I helped to co-found (my background is in graphic design). While most of my projects have been package visualizations etc. I have had the pleasure of working on a video game concept with a few colleagues in our spare time. As they work on technical aspects, I have been creating 3D assets and assembling them into concept renders intended to convey look and feel, setting and mood. The attached image is the first that I have been really satisfied with, despite room for improvement it comes close to capturing my vision for this project. I am mostly interested in criticism regarding lighting, the low-poly aesthetic, color and composition. While this particular scene has a discrete story/background within our project, I will omit this information for now so that I can get a sense for whether the image conveys any of this on its own. Anyway, thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:

Overall for a game I’m liking it. The world has an interesting quality that invites exploration. The arms/hand look quite nature shape and material wise, but they are splayed in at an odd angle and the grip on the left had doesn’t match how a staff would be held. Great concept though.

Thanks, and ya I am aware of the awkwardness with the arms, I have yet to rig them so for now the left is just a reflection of the right. I intend to rig them soon and will post an updated version once that comes to fruition. I am glad to hear that you feel it invites exploration as my vision here is to have a vast open world that is sparse but extremely detailed if that makes sense. So rather than having 50 city blocks that have 10% real world detail/mechanics I would rather have 50 blocks worth of sand dunes where a few 95% detailed/interesting landmarks can be found and explored.