Screen Space Global Illumination for Eevee

So amazing! This just worked as expected.



I downloaded the Windows (native) distro from Gumroad, but it’s crashing if I try to bake indirect lighting (with an irradiance volume). Is this a known issue? I also don’t know where to find any crash logs, but if someone can point out where to find them, then I’ll post those.
Steps to recreate:
Create a new Blender file
Add an irradiance volume
Switch render to EEVEE
Bake indirect lighting

I would love to be able to use baked lighting as a fallback for the SSGI. That would make a lot of the screen space limitations less noticeable, and would allow for a pipeline like: Low detail, room-scale GI from an irradiance volume, high-frequency / local reflections from SSGI.
That would potentially allow for much cheaper bakes because you don’t need to capture all the global illumination, but merely provide a local ambient color.

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It’s was an issue with the blender 2.93 alpha master that my build was based on. I appriciate the in depth description. Fix for it got added yesterday night ( I haven’t updated the builds yet.

I’m trying to wrap up getting it compatible with a recent Eevee refactor ( at the moment, but It looks like I won’t be able to finish it this weekend, so I’ll just probably add some fixes to the current build and host patch that version somewhere.

Glad there’s already a fix in the works, and you’re welcome for the detailed description!
As a Computer Science (and media arts) major, I’ve started to learn firsthand how helpful a detailed bug report can be.
Looking forward to Native 1.1!

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Also, I assume this is a known TODO item, but I just want to confirm you’re aware: Shaders containing a translucent node are outputting that “something’s missing purple.”

Not a big deal for most scenes, since it’s hard to use them well, but it can be confusing if you’re importing someone else’s scene.

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Made most of it compatible with master. Still need to do AO, but that needs a revisit anyway.
Ssr data input is a mess and needs to be redone, but I’m not going to address that now.

Just fixed it. Will upload the new builds when I’m done finishing up the refactor compability, hopefully in the next few days if I have the time.


Looking forward to the native Linux build!
I I’d like to ask if can we expect the Eevee DOF refactor built in your your native SSGI branch? That would be a killer combo, I think!
Grate work! Thank you!

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Amazing work with the SSGI fork.
I couldn’t get my reflection cube map or Irr Volumes to bake in the fork or master once a file is saved with the SSGI branch. (Windows)

Work around (for me) was to open the file in ARM version of Blender on my M1 and bake there and then come back to the SSGI fork (Windows) and render… it worked.

Once again great job!




I very want to try
Do you share patch for i have to build it on my gentoo linux?

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So i’ve been using the add-on version of SSGI for a while (LOVING IT btw), and now i’m trying to move my projects to the native version and i’m a bit confused, Do we need to remove the add-on version of SSGI in order for it to work properly? I assume so because the materials that has SSGI in them look waaay to intense

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It’s intended to be used without the addon. The initial plan was to do just some minor extra cases for the addon to work better with a separate build, but after looking at the source it didn’t make much sense.

There’s a copy of the source in the /2.93/source folder in the windows download. You can just override locally until I upload a batch. I’m done with a compatibility with a newer master build, but I overlooked some UV coordinates for half res trace. I’ll upload a better accessible patch somewhere when I’m done fixing that when I have the time for it.

Inital commit is in the first build, but IIRC without some fixes that were made afterwards. I haven’t had the chance to keep up with what’s going on with the master, but current version is compatible with master from few days ago.

So impressive. I really hope the SSGI branch will be merged with Master soon. It’ll narrow the margin between real-time rendering and traditional GI renderers.


Today I got to test the native SSGi version on a Windows machine and I noticed one downside in relation to the addon: There is no way to set a keyframe to the settings.

I have a project where some lights will shut off and in the Addon I could animate de settings for better sell the idea… but in the native version that would no be possible for the time being.

Do you think that would be possible to have?
Note.: unfortunately most of the settings in the Render Properties Tab are not animatable. :roll_eyes:
I wonder why is that.

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Hey, so… the problem with SSGI is that it fails if the light goes off the screen yes?

But wait a minute, doesn’t Blender support 360 degree rendering?

Hint hint

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Your also have the Overscan feature on the film section. Also you can bypass 10% by typing a value there. It increases render time but it does A job!

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I updated windows build to 1.1, but there’s a issue with alpha that somehow slipped through. I don’t have ability to replace to gumroad file at the moment, so the broken build will be up for a bit.

Edit: Fixed.

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Ah i see, thankyou! I’ll remove every material i ever added SSGI with

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This brightens things up quite a bit!

Under what conditions do you want to use SSGI?

And a small thing to report: there is no error checking if you try to Delete Lighting Cache and there is no cache.

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EEVEE doesn’t.

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