Screen Space Refraction of the earth

I want to set a window of a room, but I can just see the moon through the window, I can’t see the earth, I had checked the refraction on both the window material and the screen space refraction,
how can I see the earth through the window?
my blender file is here

The earth from here

Hello LoveOrDie welcome to the blender community. first what version of blender are you using? second have your tried changing the Blend mode for the Alpha from opaque to Alpha Hashed, or Alpha Blend? this setting can be found in the Materials tab at the bottom under the arrow saying settings or extra c8b30b378e674ebfaf4d7131241b6896-h

Thank you for your reply! It works well with alpha clip!
Thank you for your best earth, I’m working on it with my small animation project

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You welcome. Nice piece of work there, You should render a high res angle of the 3D earth and use it for your far off shots and when close up use the 3D earth this saves GPU and CPU power. I will note the shaders for the earth were made in Blender 2.8 Beta and need to be reshaded in Blender 2.8 RC, which I will do soon.

Just a note on the realism. When you see that much of the earth you’re pretty far away, to the point there would hardly be any atmosphere stretching into space at all. Also, the space shots colors look very muted.

Thank you, I will make it better!