Screens and Scenes


I’ve always had this doubt.

After defining a screen layout, if I create a new scene and then switch to a different screen layout… the scene is switched to the original one.
This is very annoying for me, since the only thing I needed was to change the screen layout, not the current scene.

Why does it work like this ? Was Blender designed to behave like that ?

Maybe there is a way to operate with screens and scenes that I’m ignoring ? :expressionless:



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There’s a “Scene Global” button in the userprefs, I’m not sure if/how it works, though.

When you add a new ‘Screen’ then ‘Screen.001’ is exactly the same as ‘Screen’… until you change it.

When you add a new ‘Scene’ you can choose from ‘Empty’, ‘Link Obj’, Link ObjData’ and ‘Full Copy’.

Changes for both will be saved when you do a save but will only be saved to B.blend if you do Ctrl-U.

(I havn’t messed with this too much as I have default lighting, my own primatives and scripts saved in Scenes and Text saved in Screens, so I don’t want to mess it all up.)


That was not really what he asked :slight_smile:

hehehe, thanx Fligh%, but yes, I already know how to create scenes and screens :slight_smile:

Try this: create a scene (whatever way you like it best: full copy, data link, object link, empty). This new scene becomes thus the current scene.

Now select a different SCREEN. Your layout has changed, however, the current scene has ALSO changed, to the previoulsy current scene. This is not what I suppose Blender should do. I only meant to change my layout to work in the new scene !
I have to once again select the scene from the SCE select box. Kind of annoying.
Looks like Screen layouts also include current scene.

If this is not a bug, maybe there is a reason or a different way or philosophy of work behind this behaviour ?

Turn Global Scene on like intrr said. It’s located in the Info Window.


Hey ! Perfect ! :smiley:

Never thought that would help… :expressionless:

Thanx intrr ! (and theeth for pointing out)