Screensaver example

(S_W) #1

Here is an example of a screensaver playing a blend file. (about 500 KB)

The feature of creating such a screensaver will probably be included in the next release of the GameDeployer.
Have fun! 8)

(Pooba) #2

It works, but when i set it up in the control panel to go off it seems to launch it more than once.


(S_W) #3

If you mean that you can see some dos windows pop up…that’s normal :slight_smile:

(cluh) #4

wow! thats way cool! but i think i know what pooba is talking about. If you set the screen saver to go off after 5 minutes, then it will start another program once every 5 minutes.

(Pooba) #5

yeah, that’s what i’m talking about. Also, sometimes since it launches it more than once when i move the mouse (to get out of the screensaver) it sometimes has blender launched fullsceen, and i have to click file and exit several times sometimes.


(S_W) #6

:o :o :o
Yay! A new bug that wants to be removed! :wink:

(Pooba) #7