Screensaver -> Quit on mouse movement ->Solved


I’d like to equip my runtime (a screensaver) with a mouse sensor to quit the screensaver if the mouse is moved. I added a mouse/movement-sensor and bound it to a game/quit actuator.

This works fine in Blender’s preview, but the saved runtime always quits immediately.

The keyboard/all keys-sensor works in preview and in the runtime.

Do I have to script this?




I think I solved it now. I added a little script that checks a timer. If the timer reaches 3 seconds, it sets a variable (quit) when pressing a key or moving the mouse. This value is checked and the runtime quits (see image below).

I know that this is not an elegant method and I’m not sure how it performs on slow systems (maybe I have to raise the timer limit) - if anybody knows a better solution (and I bet that there IS a better solution :D) I would be very interested…

thanks for this solution.
The method I used to quit with mouse movement is really bad (in front of the camera an unvisible plane with a gap and a mouse over sensor).
I think your method is much better :smiley:


Hey can you guys help me.

I am new to the game engine. I created a runtime exe for a screensaver. I am trying to get it to quit when I move the mouse are hit any key. I looked at the above display and did everything that I see including adding the script.
The one thing I can see in the display is the Keyboard sensor settings and I do not understand what I need to do.
I did add the logic brics abvove to an empty.

What am I doing wrong and what about the Keyboard sensor settings?


i was wondering if i can use this to play an animation and save it as a screensaver.

how would i go about that?

and how would i save it? i tired it and i got and invalid argument but not which one or anything else