Screenshot Extra Extra!

For about 2 years I used to frequent another amateur game making forum. And on this forum there was a sticky thread that they would always call: “Screenshot --Something or Another”

Basically - to go along with the other threads that were either dedicated to technical questions or to specific projects by particular people, they had this gigantic umbrella monster where people who didn’t feel like they were ready to make their own topic or those who only had a minor update that they’d made could just post a screenshot of something they were working on.

People would make comments on it and then post screenshots of their own.

Ultimately what you ended up with was a patchwork quilt that was made up of all of these different and varied projects that did a pretty reasonably good job of illustrating the state of activity of the entire community.

So, I was hoping that maybe we could get one of those started here.

And I’m pretty shy about showing something that I’m working on - but I feel as though the forum is a bit too negative. Always people asking questions about something that’s confusing them - or complaining that such and such a thing isn’t working properly or as they had ‘planned’.

So well anyway - I’ll post one little screenshot and I hope you’ll join me =p I really do.

Anyways - Basically the rules are pretty simple. If you model an object, or a scene or a set of objects or characters feel free to post them. Also I guess .blends could go here too, but the point is to keep it light and constructive.

Here is a character that I have been working on - and you can see I still have a lot of work to do on her because her neck and shoulders aren’t deforming correctly and also she has no hands or feet because I’m saving them for last because rigging hands can be complicated I hear. Also, her clothing isn’t bonding to her skin right but hey! That’s just how it is as you are learning I guess.

Also, let’s keep it directed towards the game engine.

I hope the thread lives!

I like your idea, because i get annoyed when people post a thread with one screenshot saying how awesome their game is gonna be, then they get flamed by people, so this thread could be a good place for some people to maybe post their work in progress stuff, or stuff they want critiqued
okay, about your model:
hm…well, this might sound weird but it seems like a very manly woman, i think you should make her facial feature a bit more feminine, also, ts a good idea to do hands first to get them out of the way, the rest of the stuff is easy

to help “woman up” the face, make it a tad more round “less pointy chined” and a smidge wider. And some bigger eyes.

edit I’ll contribute something more “with pics” in a bit. Not really a game thing just some work flow ideas. If thats cool. (nm it wasn’t going to be bge specific)

Objects for this new game I’m working on; an action/ adventure FPS
^Just a quick test of using windows in the ge… like you can click on them and drag them around and stuff

so ya… i just wanted to post a pic

yo Magicmyshu… I think you characther rocks… very stylish female… angry look on her face… but I thinks it cool plus those hair wisps… I take your gonna be animating them… cos now the look like twigs or something…

thanks for the comments guys;

redteam: I like the car model a whole lot and I can see that you are using very effecient poly counts for your objects which is a good thing

jessegp: I think it’d be best to keep it focused on game engine stuff because game engine stuff in itself can make a big topic - in that way it could sort of become a watering hole for people who are working hard learning things that aren’t always easy for the GE - that’s how Screenshot “Something or Another” works - but if you have something else people can always check it out on WIP forum like I’m sure you already know =)

scabootssca: Those menus look good - looks to me like you made them out of 3d planes? and an orthographic camera? I’m not sure but it looks like the cursor is 2d though. hope it works out for you

kirado: Thanks very much, and I agree with you because I’m thinking I will place bones in the wisps of her hair - she also has a long lock of hair flowing down her back - so if I rig them all up, I could maybe make her hair bounce ad flow as she is moving.

I did notice she was kinda macho in a way - but I think it goes with the character nicely because she is an athlete. And an atheletic woman’s features tend to sharpen up a bit in some women at least. That’s because the excess water and fatty tissue in her body (women have more fat and moisture than men) is burned away and replaced with muscle and stuff.

ooh look another screenshot and a video


ya they’re just planes and a ortho camera

Nice character MagicMyshu, and a great idea for a thread. I hope this becomes a marathon thread. i’ll post some screenshots of what I have so far for the bullet physics contest when I get home = )

Scabootssca’s Menu system looks pretty cool too :cool:

This is the world I made, it has a cloud alpha layer.

nice world Chaser… got any plans for it?
yep… another picture and another step towards hijacking this thread

everytihng in the menu is fully functional… and i’m gonna redo the cursor and some other things ot make them fit together better

@Chaser: nice world… how did you make it and how many polys is dat? x_X

@scabootssca: the menu system looks great - by seeing your work some people can learn what’s possible with the GE, when maybe they didn’t know it before having been able to see it their own two eyes.

thanks ven0msevenX

My models:
Heroine: (face incomplete)
City: (still texturing)



:eek: Holy cow… Very nice menu and great functionality. Heh, any chance of you releasing the code and .blend of the innerworkings for that menu? goldentaiji -> start’s drooling.

Jason Lin

okay, sweet shit dewd!!

You’re making a Big O fangame that is awesome. The texturing and modeling is great! A bit of advice - thumbnails would be easier for people to browse through such a thread and to spot all your good work

I just would like to say this is a great thread (this should become a sticky…),
but I guess I’ll show a little screenshot of my project. It is in a very early state so don’t expect too much.
(we have to create some clothes…)

I modified the game a little and took a screeny at christmas :slight_smile:

Concept art:
(the first two drawings are made by Tansy - our concept artist, the 3th one by Xander - our artist, and the two last sketchy things by me)

Please don’t make links make thumbnails that people can see on the actual thread because it makes the thread more attractive and functional too. So the people above, plz change ur posts to be thumbnails or direct links like red team and I did.

they all look great

Heres some of the later screenshots on the Organica thread.

These are a little outdated, but you get idea behind the project. If you didnt catch it first time around, the world is basically meant to look like an interactive, living, breathing post-impressionist painting.

Some new Organica updates should be thrown on the official thread sometime within the next few weeks…(maybe you’ll get a sneak peak of the menu system, main character, and some new world?;))

…gah, they need to bring the old smilies back.

Same here, I would love to get a look at the code for that. I bet it’s all neat and structured.

*Joins goldentaiji in a drool fest.

Very nice Tomorrowman = ) Is that paint effect done in realtime? I cant wait to see a demo, that looks very promising.

Here’s some screenshots from my Bullet Physics Contest entry. For now, the blocks are just kinda floating in the air, but I plan to stack books below them to make it more realistic.

This thread must live = )