Screenshot of only the graphics area??

How can I save a screenshot of only the graphics area? Does not seem to be possible?

Thanks for any help

What exactly do you mean by “graphics area”? The 3D view window?

Well, you can always crop your screenshot afterwards in any image editor of your choice…
Or get Greenshot (Win) or Shutter (Linux) to make screenshots of selected desktop areas.

Blender window menu -> save screenshot (ctrl+F3). That saves the window without the window decorations/borders.

If you place the mouse cursor in one of the editors and press ctrl+F3

it asks to where to save it, and if you uncheck full screen it only saves the active editor when you pressed the hotkey

Always include the whole window when asking questions.

could also use opengl render image on bottom header viewport then save with F3

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If I use Ctrl F3, the best I can get is with still the bottom UI panel included (screenshot attached). But I need just the graphics area, with nothing else (post editing in graphics app is too much work, I have hundreds to do).

@RickyBlender Render image seems to be too much work, because at first a proper camera/view angle has to be defined? And also, in my case, rendering takes minutes…too much time.

does not have to render !
open gl renders only what it sees in the viewport

so just zoom rotate your viewport and opengl will render it very fast.
but wont use normal material and texture

unless your are in the latest 2.78 in material mode and not texture or solid mode!

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Ah so that’s the “graphics area”. Others gave the answer already

Thank you @RickyBlender, exactly what I needed indeed!

JA12, thank you, never knew Ctrl-F3 can do individual areas (despite tooltip saying so).
Could be great if sceenshot was on OS clipboard automagically though…