screw and mass transport ?

is there some way to emulate material being transported by a screw upward or downward ?

like sand or rock or earth !

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My best idea (which, by the way, probably isn’t the best) would be to actually make the particles. I use a Molecular plugin, which is really useful for particle systems using sand or gravel or dirt. All in all, my idea is to use physics and a particle system

I don’t think it is possible to use the screw as an obstacle for the moving objects

but an equivalent linear movement of let say wood ships along the screw length would be a way to cheat
and still look good

I have to say that the screw is one part to follow and I could make a longer path to follow other location

sorry I cannot show the model per say still confidential for the time being

any short video to show how it could e done with particles and object to follow a path curve ?

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Try rigid bodies. Here is for one object, but you can modify and add for your needs I think.
Just don’t render the cylinder which is keeping the object from bouncing all over. let us know how you solved it.

I’m not really into anim at all !

but that is interesting for vertical screw
and looks like object is seeing the screw as an obstacle

but I have to say I got many screws and some are at some angle

can you explain it was done !

and it is possible to make the particles follow a more complex 3D path may be?

here is a part of the path in 3D
the path is a lot more complicated then one screw !

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