Screw Driver

Hey all!

i made this screw driver and rendered with yafaray
took about 15mintues to render
plz tell me what you think:

Big thanks!

nice render setup, but did you use metrics from a real blueprint ? it looks really weird proportions. the handle should be a tiny bit smaller, then the metal part is almost as long if not a tiny bit longer than the handle. and it seems way to thin. almost needle like.

The model your trying to reproduce is the really tiny screwdriver right? I remember them having transparent handle.

I really don’t know man, i didn’t use a blueprint or anything, i just saw a tutorial for 3Ds and tried to do it in blender, here’s the tutorial link:

thanks bro.

Plastic’s good, metal is not right. Looks like gray plastic, make it more shiny.

yea ur right, i’ll put another render tomorrow

I think the metal part needs to be much thicker and longer. Right now it is dwarfed by the plastic handle. Maybe check a reference image to compare? But other than that it looks very good.

Make metal a little bit thicker and (metalish? ;P) and it will look exactly like one of my screwdrivers :wink: