screw modifier cannot be applied ?

got a screw modifier with a curve modifier

and If I try to apply it
I get error that it is a constructive modifier …

is there a way to get a mesh out of these 2 modifier somehow ?

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In this example applying screw modifier before curve modifier applies correctly

Please supply example that gives the error


just wondering why that one is not doing the apply

here sample file

might be the type of curve !

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zcu1.blend (93.3 KB)

You must and only can convert this to a mesh with Alt+C in order for changes to take place. You just simply can’t apply a screw modifier to a curve or any other for that matter. It just doesn’t work that way.

tried with Alt-C and seems to work

but then why is there an apply button in modifier ?

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In case you were using a mesh and not a curve. I guess it’s much easier for devs to code a warning or error message when you’re doing something you’re not supposed to than to just remove/disable a button which I guess would take a lot more lines of code and could be a little buggy.

Yes, but RickyBlender is correct. It’s simply bad interface design to allow a user to click on a non-functional button and then bark about it rather than disabling the button properly.

thanks for comment

but It looks like common sense is where ^^&**(((

don’t know !
must be lost in the metro LOL

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Actually, you’re really wrong. If a button was only disabled and there was no message stating the reason why that is, then the user would be left in dark, not knowing what he might did wrong to cause that. This IMO is much better, and blender has a great interface and this is just one of it. Could be better, I won’t lie. But it’s certainly better than that of Autodesks products.