Screw Modifier - I have a question about the basics

I have blender 2.8 and I’d like to follow this tutorial step by step:

When I apply the screw modifier to the circle, I get this shape instead of getting the torus:

I tried to play with the options but I get different strange shapes. What causes this issue and how to reslove it?

Go into edit mode, move the circle on the X axis to the side enough that the origin is next to it and rotate it 90 degrees on the X axis. Does that change anything?

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Wow it works and form its shape I now understand how it works. Thank you so much for this great info. It’s a little answer but it implies a lot of info :wink:

No problem! I actually learned quite a lot while trying to help. The big part that got me to get that idea of how to fix it was somewhere near the end where they made the wine glass. I never knew you could do something like that with the screw modifier in blender.

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