Scribblings of a Mad Man

This is kind of an off shoot of my current project. But in and of itself it is a seperate finished project, so I thought I would post it here as well.

I was just messing around in PaintShop Pro and I thought that a Leonardo esque notebook page would fit with the look of the gear contraption that I am working on. So I made the page with the gears and them filled the area around them with random scribblings.

good work i like the arrows

Very interesting. And now you can do all kinds of Leanardo-esque deteails. Nice. Stephano has the idea too, I wonder if he ever sleeps.

Thats neat, but, shouldn’t this be in the Traditional Forum? Now, that aside, the paper itself is the nicest part, I think if it were a mad person writing it, the words and pictures would be more like scratches and scribbles, than your clean (ish) writing that is on there now. Just my two cents…
EDIT: BTW, I just now thought that maybe making the corners of the edges folded, or the edges burnt a little would improve your image, and remove some of the cleanliness of it. If Paintshop doesn’t already have presets of plugins to do these things, I know there are tutorials on how to do it somewhere on the net (there always are)…
Still, just my two cents…

I was kind of debating where it should go, its kind of half and half so I figured I’d go with the forum I was more familiar with.

The paper itself was done with pretty much the same technique that I use for bump mapping the gears. I take a picture of an interesting texture, i.e. lichen, dirt, bark, a stained plaster wall, etc. Change the picture to greyscale and then mess with the levels until I get a good pattern of black and white. I then layered several of those on top of a smudgy parchment coloured picture.

The burnt and folded edges is a really good idea, I’ll have to see if I can come up with a way to do that convincingly.