scribus 1.3.2 beta

it’s coming
at last poor winXP users will be able to use this app

Wouldn’t be easier just to switch to Linux and run both Scribus and Blender natively…:slight_smile:

This reminded me to update my Scribus CVS tree…:wink:

You have to notice, that not every soft runs on Linux. The lack of proffesional software for architecture designing makes me stick to Windows so far.

You can always dual boot which most of the people actualy do…:slight_smile:

now I don’t have to - scribus is ported to win32 :stuck_out_tongue:
he he

Ok, lets stop before linux contra windows war starts :slight_smile:
Some time ago I thought about switching to linux (Suse/Mandriva), but IMHO it’s still not enough mature to be called “user frendly desktop system” (read: lazy idiot friendly :slight_smile: ). I developed my workflow about 8 years and would be really hard and painfull to change everything now, not to mention about throwing away not so cheap CAAD. It’s to late for me now :slight_smile:
But having two systems is veeery tempting by the way. My daughter grows so fast, and she should find out that there’s not only one way she can use computer. I’m thinking about giving OpenSuse a chance one day.

I hope this dosnt double post, my PC crashed.

Scribus 1.3.2 is Awesome.
Note for XP users, if you get a error dialog about location of Ghostscript, just go to preferences and browse to the location. And you can also run GIMP from Scribus by browsing to the GImp exe or the Remote exe(in the case you may already have an instance of GImp running…this is a workaround to give Scribus control of Gimp).

I’m glad I downloaded it, it’s sweeeeet.

Nice! Been waiting for this. No AMD version yet I see.

The reason why I still have windows is the occasional P0rn-Online casino popup.

Ahem, what? It should work for all processors…

Ahem, what? It should work for all processors…[/quote]
I trhink he means a 64bit processor (AMD64)

AAAAAh so that’s why there are no windows firefox users