[Script] - Connect Sun with Cycles Sky Texture.

This script connect the sun light with the sky texture node.
You only need run this script in your scene in cycles render engine.
If you haven’t a sun light the script will add a new light.

In other words, the script let you have the sun and the sky in the same direction!

You can find something more in oscurart.blogspot.com

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Nice work, I tried the script and it worked for me. Now when I rotate the Sun lamp, the sky texture updates it’s angle automagically.

Hi Atom! great!, this is the idea!
Please tell me if you find a bug!

Thank you, :).

Great Script, thanks. :slight_smile:

Finally !!! Thank you very much.

I can’t understand why features like yours or this addon aren’t in trunk

Well done oscurart, i keep on being amazed by the nice tools you provide us!.

Thank you!

I’m thinking that the color change with rotation.
This could be good? or is easier to choose the color by hand (simple picker)?


Did you get some feedback from developers, I would love to see it as default function of Sky Texture when is active.
Thank you

I think this would be nice as an option.

Thanks oscurart

If I understood it right, the pluspoint of your Script compared to the Sun Position Script is that I can set the sun whereever I want, where as the Sun Position Scripts lets me set the Sun “only” on geographic correct positions ?

Kind regards

Thanks for the responses!.

Thanks for the responses!.
The direction sun addon is better than my script, there’s comparative.
My script only align the sky with the sun direction, is basic!

We could think a way to propose something like this in the sky shader, something like a list with the lamps… ?


A “Lightlister” like we have in 3D Studio Max would be very useful/timesaving.


Kind regards

that seem like a nice idea. i’ve made quickly a script that puts all lights and the environment into the scene properties.

please tell me what you think about, and if this “lightlister” has other functions besides those visible in your image.

Thanks Oscurart for this useful add-on!

Thanks for that.
It’s not yet that useful from my point of view.
For a better overview and handling the Lightattributes should be aligned horizontally (think about if you have 20 Lights then you have to scroll down a long list and you lose the overview).
If I create an Instance of a Light then it should not appear in the Light Tools. At the moment it does and this makes no sence to me.

I hope you can do that :slight_smile:

Kind regards

yes, i would like to have it more list-like. And the instance thing bothers me too.

have to figure out a way to show different ui for properties…

very nice sript . thanks again for another one

Hi oscurart,

looks great, but it doesn’t work for me.

fake_module: addon missing ‘bl_info’ gives bad performance!: ‘E:\Blender_YAFARA
Modules Installed from ‘C:\ mp\oscurart_sky_world.py’ into ‘E:\Blender_YAFARA
Y\2.69\scripts\addons’ ()

Blender Hash: 4c4aeaa
Win 7 64Bit Pro

Any Tipps?

Kind regards