Script Error Message Beginner Question

I know nothing about python or programming.

I’m trying to do a beginner tutorial here: He says to get a script at a web site (I think this is the script he’s using in the tutorial although his link was to a newer script which doesn’t look like the one in the tutorial):

He says to input the location on my hard drive and names of the left and right mono files as shown in the image below. When I click Run Script, I get this error message: Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Syntax error (unicodeerror)“unicodeescape” codec can’t decode bytes in position 2-4: truncated\uxxxxxx escape

location: <unknown location >:-1

Blend file:

hi… the script address is different :smiley:

also I think (and is only my idea)… the hard drive location with all that “spaces” are a mistake…

please check if the error is because the wrong py



Thanks for responding. I posted the same question on the tutorial’s web site. The tutorial’s author just emailed me how to use the updated version of the script.