script for animated textures

hi all, i want to use animated textures on a plane to create 2d character sprites in a 3d world. after trawling the forums it seems there was once a handy animated texture script by doc holiday which used to live at:

but i haven’t had any luck finding it. does anyone know if it’s floating around somewhere? if not any other tips would be helpful, like how to go about replacing textures with python, or starting/stopping animated textures.

thanks in advance,

whoops - another case of posting too soon. the file (and many others) lives at:

thanks doc.

you can also just use animated uv textures… if you do a search here you will find threads on it.

But to use it you must uncheck ‘use blender materials in the ge’

Its pretty easy to use too. Just make a texture with the tiles on it, going from 1 to whatever, bottom left to top right corners.

Then set the animations to however many tiles you have and thats it. It works well for what you are talking about and doesnt require a script.

Also, Lostinspace made a script for our game to replace textures/mesh and would probably donate it to you if you asked him? Maybe.