script for Blender compatibilty with AJA?

Hey All,

This thread/ request may be in the wrong place and I apologize if it is, but I’m looking for some help with this. I work for a small productions company in Emeryville, CA and in our edit suites, we use AJA Kona breakout boxes to monitor our computers SDI video Out to broadcast monitors and to our internal video network (so our producers can spy…hahaha). To my knowledge, Blender doesn’t have any way of sending a video out signal through the SDI out of my Kona card, so I’m curious as to what it would take/ cost to have someone write a script which would allow this to take place.

Ideally, all I would need to the script to do is to constantly send the camera view through my AJA Card to my Broadcast monitor (maybe by enabling a feature or two?). This would allow me to work with clients to see a color corrected image on a large screen (rather than my computer), it would also allow my producers to monitor my work without having to make the trek into my office.

Again, I know almost nothing about scripts or whether this would be a hard or easy thing to do, people can feel free to PM me with what it would take/ cost to come up with something like this.

I’d be happy to answer any questions anyone has about any more specific information they would need to accomplish this script.

Thanks everyone.