script for converting ttf fonts into tga textures

(blendedHKU) #1

Hey everybody,

I wrote a script to convert truetype fonts to blender tga images,
a.k.a: 'text’ures :wink:

You can use it as a command line tool, or with the mouse…

you need to install python and pygame (1.5)


python c:\windows\fonts*.ttf

converts all fonts registered in windows into tga images.

This script was ‘reverse engineered’ from the arial bold texture.


(saluk) #2

Thanks a lot! Pretty cool that you reverse engineered it, and using pygame hehe, thats coo too.

(Carl) #3

You do know someone already made such a thing?

I was looking for it too, and Ben gave it to me…

it’s called ftblender…

Nice though…


(blendedHKU) #4

Hey Carl,

I didn’t know that. :o

FtBlender seems like the way to go,
I always thought that there would be something like that…

Ah well, it didn’t take that long to write the script :smiley: