script for procedural texture for blender bl and cycles

let say you do a texture on plane and want to use same proc texture on another bigger object

so you need to copy texture then make it single user
and re adjust the mapping

so is there a small script to help do that automatically in terms os X Y Z scale


Looking to the Rock Generator script may help :wink:

Search for “texture”:

dont’ see any cycles command in this one!

anything doing scale in mapping node tio auto adjsut the scale?


“bi and cycles”

Its a start.
Personally i’ve never scripted for cycles, is it a different system or does it use the same underlying classes?

Yeah, there is scaling in that referenced py file :wink:

i can get the cycles nodes
but still hope there is already somethng done for this

it is a common prpblem
dont’ know why there is not something done in blender already !