Script for smoothing weights

I wrote a new script for smoothing weights of the vertex groups:

it should make life with skinning/rigging characters much easier.

the choices are>

restrict to groups- choose one or two(press include by the 2nd group menu) groups

restrict to selected vertices

normalize- this makes the sum of all weights in a vertex 1.0, so you can see the real influence of a bone on the vertex(you e.g. can not have 2 weights 1.0 on the vertex, but 2x0.5 or 0.2 and 0.8 etc.)

Please post bugs, if any found, or any suggestions how to improve the script.

known problems are
the mesh, after assigning the weights resets to the 1st group
sometimes doesn’t work, it has something to do with the patenting(???)because when i reassigned the armature to the mesh, it worked…

Hi, just writing to say I have downloaded your script.
I tried to write my own before but didnt get around to it.