script help

well i am a confident at AS (action script) and was wondering what type of script does blender take and if it is anything like action script?
and how long until NAN is goining to update 2.31a with the game engine in?

blender uses python scripting for more info

NaN doesn’t really exist anymore, blender is open source
the game engine is being worked on, and, at the moment, at best, kind of works.

(not knowing much about action script I can’t say how it compares to blender)

Yep, what I’ve heard on the forums is that the buidl from january 30th was the last release before blender 2.32 as far they know. Solid, to use the game engine isn’t in it at that 30 january buid, but I hope they are implantating it right now. :smiley:

Solid is being implanted in tupohuu first. When that’s done it will be imported over into blender, but there will probably be an announcement if the solid in tupohuu is ready, and maybe some early builds as well.

Just be patient.

With regards actionscript and python. I am quite experienced with using AS and have recently been coming to terms with Blender and in particular it’s use of Python.

There are many similarities between AS and Python. In these areas you will feel very much at home. But there are also some very significant differences. One example would be the importance of indentation in your code. Another would be the structure of conditionals.

To come to terms with these differences I downloaded python and worked through the standard introduction (see python manual). This gave me a good starting point for writing some python in Blender.

Hope this helps.

Bill Lane

thanks for all your help im currently using blender 2.31a but as you know 2.31a doesnt have a game engine so what version should i use to use the game engine or should i just wait becouse i aint getting my game book until a couple of months

you need to use v2.25.