Script Q's and Hello all.

(Enzoblue) #1

Hi all, new to the forums, found alot of great stuff here. I have 3 Q’s though, and hope you can help me out.

  1. Any export script that I have d/l’ed gives me the same error when I run them: Attribute Error: getFileName or getObject, or anything with ‘get’ in it. - Running Blender 2.23 and Python 2.21.

  2. I know that a .dxf import requires that everything is in mesh, what export can I do with nurbs? really love nurbs.

  3. Should I learn scripting? I mean, everything I’m running into says ‘compile this’ or ‘make a simple script for that’. Might as well be in Yiddish. Sounds like I’m answering my own question, but I really wanna know if it’s worth it in the long haul. Is all ‘scripting’ a c++ thing? Should I leave it to the masters, or devle full into it. All I wan’t to do is artwork really, but I’m 3k plus shy of getting a ‘do everything’ program.

Thanks muchly in advance. Please excuse any ignorance, I was a business major :slight_smile:

(Schlops) #2

Welcome Enzoblue!

  1. put a line
import Blender210 as Blender

in the script. This should do the trick.
2. No nurbs access with python (yet), sorry. But you can use subsurf-meshes. /me loves them :wink:
3. Well, what should I say? I think it is worth it. Python is very easy to learn (I’ve seen a lot programming languages) and it is very funny to code. For a good start go over to and there are a lot of python-tutorials (first is blender-specific)

And: Ignorance is bliss 8)

(Enzoblue) #3

Thanks much, scripts still don’t work. Apparenty now when it ‘getFilename’'s, it gets a filename from a buffer or something, not the current scene. I get a message saying the file name is “TB.ase” which was some file I was messing with earlier.


I now have subsurf-meshes !! They’re beauty-full and they export with the built in exprter. Ahhhhh, life is good.

As far as learning python or C++, while I’m at it I might as well learn French cause half the tutes are in French… hehe.

Thanks again Schlops!!

(Schlops) #4

Which script is it?

(Enzoblue) #5

any script by Jan Walter so far. Like this:

This’ll give me

Traceback (most recent call Last):
File “”, Line 332, in ?
AttributeError: getCurrentScene

That’s after I put the - import Blender210 as Blender - line in.

(Schlops) #6

Sorry my fault! There’s a line in the script

import Blender

change that line to

import Blender210 as Blender

Now it should work.
If you need export-scripts, do a search on the forum, there are a some of them around, which are much better: Blenderman (exports rib), povanim (Povray) and a script for lightflow by eeshlo.

(Enzoblue) #7

Cool, thank you thank you, all works well now :slight_smile: