Script Remove Doubles

Hi all! :smiley:

(How) Can I remove duplicate vertices, within my importing script?

Do you mean to call Blender’s internal remove-dups function from python or to do it directly in python code? The latter is possible, but I don’t know how to do it and I could sure use such a function for my teapot plugin for Blender and especially for the Wings version.

:o I hope a python interface in Blender

Posted: 31 Aug 2004 02:37 pm Post subject:

I could probably add a hook

mesh.removeDoubles(0.001) # 0.001 being the limit

others could be added too-

-All except the lats would operate on selected verts.

So it’s on it’s way? YAya!!

donno know. the post is about 2 months old (31 Aug 2004)

It seems that these functions work on edited mesh only.

Just wait for the new joeedh’s EMesh module , coming soon…perhaps.
Not in the bf-blender cvs.

(ianwil was working on a EMesh module too but there is no more
news on it)