Script request--Paint speed onto path

Hello, I was checking out various tutorials and one thing I noticed is a lot of people having problems with variable speed of an object traveling along a path.
The usual answer is to use a speed IPO and just play with it until it looks right.
What if someone wrote a script that would let you paint speed onto the path?
Just like vertex painting, where the dark blue would be the same as 0 on the IPO and red would be 1 on the IPO. I guess it could generate a speed IPO based upon the colors you paint along the path.
I think it would be great for some things, like a roller coaster animation. You could paint the path blue up the first hill, maybe a little yellow at the top, and have it quickly go to red after that. Then change colors in the right places along the coaster.
I’m sure there would be a lot of other great ways to use this.
I’d love to write this but I no nothing about python scripting :frowning:
Any thoughts on this idea?