Script to batch render several non-sequential frames?

Hi, I’ve just finished a very long rendering (250 frames @ ~60 mins/frame) and I noticed that a few frames are blank. The file is there, they’re just blank. I understand these things happen, and it may even be my fault (I stopped and started a few times).

Is there a way (like with a script) I can enter in some frame numbers, and Blender will automatically and re-render JUST those frames that I enter?

If you rendered individual frames then I’m assuming that each of your image files ended up with a name that has a number on the end. If that’s the case, then one thing you can do is delete the bad frames and then un-check “Overwrite” in the Render -> Output menu. Keep your Output pointing to the same directory and then run your render again and it will ‘skip’ all of the frames that already have an existing file with that number in that directory.

GENIUS! I knew about that option but for some reason I didn’t think to use it here. Thanks a bunch!

Ah and upon closer inspection I see the frames WEREN’T blank after all. I’m using a Syntheyes import, and every time the camera went past 360 degrees, it would wrap back to 0… which looks fine until you use the full sample motion blur… grrr… oh well, I should have checked it.