Script to Export as .ASE or .PRM/.W?

Hello All,
I’m a bit of a newbie to blender, so sry if this sound n00bish. :smiley:
I have used many 3D modeling programs starting with my first “Simply 3D 2”. But now I am moving on to more advanced things in Blender…:cool:

Anyhow, enough on the off-topic intro on myself. I was wondering if there was a Python Script which could export as “.ASE - 3ds Max ASCII Export File (Autodesk, Inc.)” or if not and even better, is there a script which could export as the Re-Volt “.PRM” and “.W” filetype? Here’s the file structure of the .prm and .w:

Only one program I know of can export as ASE, but it get’s models kinda goofed up after the conversion…

What I had plans on was making things in Blender, exporting them as ASE, then using another OpenSource app to convert the ase to .prm and/or .w.

Any and all help extremely appreciated. :yes:
And if I wasn’t soo n00bish, I’d make my own script…:confused:


Yes Blender can export ase, also import , here download
here on this page you find these scripts, there is also updated ase export for Blender 2.44 , here ASE - export for Blender 2.44 ONLY - Goofos

For Blender 2.43 use ASE - export for Blender 2.41 & above - Goofos
and ASE - import for Blender 2.42/3 - Goofos

Oh and for Blender 2.44 try use ase import for 2.43
It should work

WOW! Thanks a lot, it works wonderfully. :cool: I can really start making 3D stuff now! :smiley:


You may have problems with the newer script (for 2.44) if Python 2.5.x isn’t installed. Having said that though there does appear to be a minor bug that Goofos is in the process of fixing which I’ll upload as soon as it gets the all clear (the error doesn’t specifically stop exporting ASE out of 2.44 though, at least it shouldn’t)

PS, thanks for spreading the work about the tools page on katsbits btw :wink:

Hey, any word on implementing multiple UV sets for export?

Still working on it, we need to get hold of a sample file because the technical literature on this is worse than sparse!

multiple UV sets its easy- do a search on activeUVLayer in the scripts dir. uses this.

We needed a properly formatted ASE first to see how the data is organised in the file, once we’ve got that (which I now have) we can move onto the next bit. Thanks for the tip, that’ll be handy.

Also, do one of these “bugs” in the script happen to be this one I keep getting when exporting Mesh? :frowning:


Ok, hot of the presses. Try this version and let me know if it works; Goofos fixed a couple of issues namely the one you pointed out above which has cropped up before.
Latest ASE exporter

WOW! Now that is hot off the press, so far so good! I’ll test more later. Thanks a bunch! :wink: