Script to hide/unhide objects?


Anyone know if a script exists to go through a scene and hide/unhide objects of a specific type?

Eg hide all the empties in a scene

thanks in advance

why? what’s wrong with using the “select by type” feature?
and then pressing “H” to hide the selected object type or ALT+H to unhide them.
Or do you require a specific “behavior” from such a script?

Such an obvious solution :o

Much quicker than me learning the Python API

thank you

NP, :slight_smile: but I do understand sometimes ppl or programmers require extra functionality from a specific script, hence my final question.


pd. I found some info on something similar at Kino’s Italian blender forums:

There are some pieces of code here and there that you can check out. :wink:
However, blender’s got tons of things we don’t even imagine that are already there.

Thanks for the link Alvaro - I will go through it

btw I know Game Engine python commands but not Python regarding the rest of Blender