Script Yable

Hello, I have some mistake with Yable, Can someone make a tutorial about Yable, with explication for all buttons. Soory for my english and thanks for your answer.

I wait the new version to write it

can i help you in the waiting time?

the last test with the MakeHuman base mesh


I don’t understand button, if I want to make my sphere with a glass texture, I don’t know how I can make it, same as refraction, …

Hello Bab,
I have added some more lines on the page.

Now there is a brief description about how to manage shaders…and…there is an update too!!

Ok, if you got the example from the Yafray site, you can look into the xml file and grab the parameters, for example:

<shader type="generic" name="cristal_blanco" >

		<color r="0" g="0" b="0" />
		<specular r="1" g="1" b="1" />
		<hard value="30" />
		<reflected r="1.0" g="1.0" b="1.0" />
		<transmited r="1.0" g="1.0" b="1.0" />
		<min_refle value="0.2"/>
		<IOR value="1.5" />

This is the glass shader from the celeb “Bottle and Glass” scene used to do test and to show the various progresses in lighting on the Yafray site…
Take this params and you will get a simple glass…
To get caustic you have to add some other attributes to the object…but read it from my site or (better) from Jandro site…

As soon as the new page will be ready some more and better structured infos will be available… stay tuned!!!

I suggest you to re-read a thread from this forum called “New YafRay Exporter”, there you can find hints about the index of refraction.

hi just started testing glass

here’s my 1rst test
update:With jandro sugg…

here is the shoot of yable

need smooth and more AA
any other suggestion ?


edit: changed to images link

edit: 08/01/03 - new image with jandro help thk’s

yes, some suggestions. It looks strange, this is a list of things I would change:

-diffuse reflection totally off, so set color to 0 0 0
-give it reflection with 1 1 1 and min_ref to 0.2 it uses fresnel formula so don’t care it will look like glass with that min_refle value.
-use ior 1.5 is the real glass ior

It doesn’t affects here, but set receive and emit radio to off. That setting is only for diffuse reflection, not for caustics.

10 min ~



Small question. You see that black spot under the glass? That doesn’t look right. Do you know a way to solve that?
I think it might be because of shadows or something like that, but glasses don’t cast such black shadows…

Either use photonmapping to get caustics, or wait for pathtracing. Of course a method to fake it could also be implemented, would that be useful you think?

more AA and Raydepth i think

same glass with area ligth and 2 photon


Either use photonmapping to get caustics, or wait for pathtracing. Of course a method to fake it could also be implemented, would that be useful you think?

It might be useful far a quick glassy look. When there is pathtracing I would use pathtracing though… :slight_smile:
Are there options to turn of the shadowcasting of an object? Maybe if you carefully placed a non shadow-casting object neer that area, it might look better…

string_value_t object_attrs[]=
	{ "name", A_NAME },
	{ "shader_name", A_SHADER },
	{ "shadow", A_SHADOW },
	{ "emit_rad", A_EMITR },
	{ "recv_rad", A_RECVR },
	{ "caus_IOR", A_CIOR },
	{ NULL , 0 }

These lines are taken from from the loader source…I guess the “shadow” is the parameter you are looking for…but Jandro could say if I am wrong…try to put it among all other attributes, I think something like:

<object name = "The_Glass" shader_name = "BL_LOGO_AS50.mat"  shadow="off" >

I will do the test too…

And, of course will add the attribute in Yable…