hi, here’s another build I made on Graphicall.

No Optimizations.
Built on Blender 2.49b release.

If you have used my older version, this one is much more refined.

  • New 2.5 compatible windows layouts. 2,3,4 split & full screen layouts.
    (no horizontal menu’s)

  • External Scripts Bundles & more Installed!
    Make Human 180b: Scene & Script.
    L-System Forest Build: Scene & Script
    Fibre Plugin by ripsting: create Mesh grass for use in Luxrender & more.
    Import/Export: NetImmerse/Gamebryo .nif format!
    Import Poser .cr2, Half Life .smd.
    Export: Unreal .psk, .psa, Quake3, Maya Camara Tracking.
    & lots more.

  • Script Example files:
    City Engine Script by Littleneo
    Crack me & Heaper by Pildanovak
    Blender Hake Head by Manuel
    Junkster by ED team
    Swarm by macouno
    Floctation script. (floating object)
    PyNodes Examples ( in PyNode Default.blend )

  • New Themes & Icon sets to choose from

  • Luxrender Meta’s Material Library’s

  • Mancandy by SlikDigit

  • Thread aware Texture Plugins by Mato.

This is my final base for any/if any further 2.49 builds.

Zebulon has written some builds on Graphicall
It includes most scripts in Linux & opt Windows.
I recommend also Kai’s Build for Windows,
You can transfer the plugins & .blender folder from my build into Kai’s Build for a great clean Optimized Build. (& you get his cool Demolition Modifier.)

Very Special thanks go to ZanQdo.
He has again gone above the call, to help me host this Build.
Thanks ZanQdo! Graphicall is a huge asset to the community.
Well Done!

Thanks also to all that have contributed to this over the past few years.
Those of you that answered my questions, help guide me in the Wiki,
Those that answered my PM’s for script permissions,
Those that contacted me with new scripts.
Those that just offered a word of support, when one was needed.
Thanks to you all!

If you want just the scripts only,
you can get them here:
Script Pack
Script Examples


Thanks for the replys!

There’s now also an optimized build with all the scripts here;
Zebulon Build

Good to know after 3 years work someone likes it.

thanks a lot meta-androcto. I really like the Zebulon build with your scripts and so on. It adds so much to blender. And then i discovered the old makehuman script in it…i fell in love :slight_smile:
Really don’t like the new makehuman application…but the old script really does it!
So many little great additions… i just needed to make my own windows configuration with it…

lani lanu laune

Surprising hardly anyone comments on this?
users these days are so spoilt!


[never mind] although I’d still like to see a separate downloadable archive/package with most/all of those scripts,
like a downloadable content package, if you will. :wink: [/never mind]

edit: never mind didn’t look at the last part of the post, double thanks!

Meta-Androcto, thanks a lot for this. :slight_smile:

hi Felix_Kutt,
you can get the script pack by itself here:
Script Pack
and the example files:
Script Example Files


Thanks a lot for your hard efforts and work Meta-Androcto! :smiley: Your build is quite interesting and useful.
I was wondering if this script could be included:
But it would require updates to work with 2.49x properly. It seems to behave a bit better than blender’s default path importer with complex shapes (as seen in his example screenshots).

once more, many thanks.