Scripts BlenderWiki Proposal Final Draft

Hi all, I decided, to start a new thread on updating the BlenderWiki Scripts section.
There is not a lot there yet but soon folks, very soon.
I have written some proposals in the Official thread.
Much thanks again to IanWill For guidance.
At the moment the proposal is in it’s Final Draft stages and I’m nearly ready to start editing/adding information.
The proposal as it now stands is this:
To create new page Scripts/Catalog.
Catalog will contain links to several pages where the scripts will reside.
The pages will mirror Blender’s Scripts Menus in these catagories:
Add, Amimation, Export, Help, Import, Materials, Mesh, Misc, Object, Render, SpaceHandlers,
Script Links, System, UV, Wizards.

Then the pages will contain scripts listed in the following format:

Script Name: from script header, if none, popular name, if none, function1/2.
Script Author: Author of original script.
Tooltip: tooltip, if none, breif description.
Installs in: Script Menu or Opens with Text Editor or included in Blender 2.42a/version
Licence: Type, not specified.
Link: Link to the Authors web page where the script can be found, or the scripts original posting or the original link to script.
Blender Version: most current version of Blender the Script Works with/Tested with.
Python Version: Python Version compatable with Blender Version.
Files: (In Blender/.blender/scripts)
Bpy modules:
Bpy data: myicon.png mydata.dat
Dependencies: pygame, xml, whatever.

And of course. An example: In System or Spacehandlers you would find…
*note; Scripts with similar function will be grouped together.

Script: 4mm_layer_manager 1.2
Author: (FourMadMen)
Tooltip: This script is used to manage scene layers.
Installs in: Script Menu: ‘Misc’
Licence: GPL: Gnu Public Licence
Blender Version: Blender 2.42a
Python Version: Python 2.4.3
Files: (In Blender/.blender/scripts)
Bpy modules:
Bpy data:

*Note: I will always list the version of Python. Due to Testing issues.
I would always recommend that Python is installed to avoid any script issues, even if it is not a
true dependency. Also it rocks!

So there it is. I have tried to acheive my goal of reaching a middle ground
of supplying enough info for noobs and pro’s whilst keeping it simple and maintainable.

The main thing now is to make sure the above is an acceptable format.
Once I start updating the wiki there will be no turning back, no but what if we did this instead.
So it’s got to be right first time.
After all the catalog will be a very comprehensive list of scripts.

So check out how this and other things progress through the Official post
Then give me some feedback here.

The end date I have set myself is halloween Oct31.
The pages will be in place by then.
In Nov. the scripts will be updated into into the wiki.


Sounds and looks good. I don’t see much to comment on, it looks like you have more than enough information. Although, it might be good to have a “Works in: <blender versions>” section (or are you including that info in the “Install” section?). Another couple of tidbits of info that may be nice to have are whether the script is currently packaged with the latest Blender release (you kind of have that in the “Install” section), and whether the script meets the official published guidelines. Those additions aren’t necessary, but they may have use when people update the list in the future.

Again, if there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.


Hey reD_Fox, Made a change you sugessted, I didn’t realy like “Install” heading much at all. Work’s in is much easier to understand, and reads so much better! Also I think I’ll move Blender Version & Python install to dependencies.
Thanks for your input, Brendon:D

Hmm. That wasn’t exactly what I meant, but no matter. I meant, “Works in: 2.25, 2.41 - current (2.42a)” or something that lists the versions of Blender compatible with the script. I think “Installs” was a better term for its installation location (pre-installed/bundled, menu registration, or text editor). Moving the dependent versions was a good call, though.

Anyway, it’s not really a big deal. The format can evolve in the future to suit our needs.


After much procrastinating, mediation & changes, I think the Template is finally finished. So If you think this is OK, let me know.
The only known (to me) issue is that ‘The Template’ is Windows OS specific.
Sorry to Mac/Linux/Unix and other OS Systems users but as you know most of the scripts are not really OS dependent anyway.
Remember, the Wiki is for everyone. :slight_smile:
Check the first post for info.

Mods, please lock this thread it is done. info updated to wiki.:smiley:
next issue I will post new thread. Thanks