Scripts/Catalog Update

hi, as the list has grown very large, for my updating purposes I’ve made an Index of all the current scripts in the Catalog.

  • note this is a long list, check the proper sections for script information.Index to help when looking for a specific script.

Over the next few weeks/months I will be updating the Wiki section again.
For easier locating scripts, there is now an Index, It is simple, but functional.
Currently I am finishing round 1 of testing, then all broken links will be *fixed & all new scripts & updated scripts will be added.

Where practical I will also be adding line number fixes to bring the majority of scripts
up to date with Blender 2.45.

When fixing old scripts or scripts that give errors (even if they still work) open the script in the text editor, press alt/p to run the script, check the Python Console for errors then fix the errors the text editor. Then save/overwrite the file to your scripts directory.
You will need to do this yourself in most cases.

As all the scripts listed work with 2.42a, Updated scripts Will read Blender 2.42a & 2.45
New scripts will read Blender 2.45. I am not backward testing.

*fixed > when a link is dead & no longer search able,
ie: nowhere to be found on the web or made redundant by the author,
thus no longer hosted,
I will have the script hosted & zipped along with all documentation. ie: old web page, tutorial or any other information.
Along with a link to the original authors site or any other relevant information.
The links will be to the zip only & contain no links to any other sites.
Any problem if you find your script revived, please contact me
& I will reluctantly remove it or better, relink back to your site.

Thanks, m.a.

unweld script is not a uv script but a script to rip mesh.

hey, thanks jms, I’ll fix that tonight.
mix up with UV Welder I think.
Naming conventions is on the must do list.

update again, added many new scripts, some testing done, most links fixed.
Index is very complete, with page links for easier browsing.
Fixed navigation so it’s easy to find scripts by name or category.
There’s still much more to do, updating scripts that work with 2.45,
2.45 included scripts & still a backlog of scripts to test.
Anyway, if you haven’t checked the catalog out, do so! It is well worth the effort.
have fun.

I did some work on Ideasman’s original fbx exporter to make it work for skinned models in XNA, this all kinda got a bit lost in this thread. Anyway the script can be found here if you’d like to add it to your catalog.


@RobotronHero, I will add it soon. Import/Export scripts are the last to come as they are often the hardest to test (not in all cases, but mostly left until last).
I’ll get yours up within a few days as it is an important script.
I do have it in backlog somewhere.

It’s not really my catalog, but the community’s.
I simply try to maintain it exclusively, so as to keep it consistent, so sorry if you tried to edit it yourself. Only two or three people have access to edit.
Easy 100 hours plus to build, so I like it protected.
Thanks for the links, half my time is spent chasing links, so you just made it a little easier.

You do good. My gratitude and thanks to you.

@RobotronHero, done.

Thanks a lot, much appreciated

Hello Meta-Androcto.
Congratulation for the work you’ve done !
I’d like to submit 2 scripts i have made:
Big Numbers Toolkit

Both will get more features added in the future, they are active.

I believe they have some utility.
The big Numbers Toolkit comes with an extensive doc.

I’d love them to be referenced somewhere, like on the wiki, as their tend to disappear with their threads here !

Can you do something ?

Thanks !

@Gwenouillle, yes, I’ve got your scripts, I will include them very soon.

Thanks Meta !
That is great news for me !
I will let you kmow via PM if there are updates.