Scripts directory???

I’m using the OSX build of blender. It seems nearly every scirpt I download says that I need to put it in the Blender Scripts directory. Where is it?? In the Blender folder I see one folder only, “plugins”. Is this where they go? I see no “scripts” folder. Do I make my own?

On Linux, there’s a .blender/scripts directory in the blender install directory, maybe it’s the same for OSX. If so, it may be hidden (starting with a dot) and you may try to find a way in your file manager to make hidden files and directories visible.

You should also be able to make a custom scripts directory, useful to keep them seperate from the scripts that come with Blender. You can try to do that, put the scripts in there and tell Blender the location of this custom scripts folder. You do that by pulling down the top menu bar, revealing the “User Preferences” window, then choose the rightmost button “File Paths”. The bottom entry box in the second column, underneath “Textures”, is for your custom Python scripts folder.

Remember to STRG-U to save user defaults after that.

Someone should write a tutorial for this!! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve answered this question in more than one occasion.

  • In navigate to the
  • Select and from the menu select “Show Package Content”
  • “Contents” folder open in a new Finder window
  • in this new window navigate to “MacOS” folder
  • once in “MacOS” folder press “Command+shift+g” and in the popup write “.blender” [it’s a hidden folder; the DOT in the beginning is very important, don’t forget it]
  • Now you should be able to see the “Scripts” folder

Thanks to the both of you. Not only was I able to define my own Python Directory, I was able to find the built-in scripts as well.

Much appreciated!