Scripts package convention !

Using Py scripts in Blender is easy ! place it, activate it and run it !!! wonderfull !
But the most complicated thing is to find the good one ! the more appropriate, the most … !

So what ?

I believe that all those “super scripts”, like the ocean sim, the netrender, the architexture toolbox,etc…will become more than software’s addons !!!
On the other side, we also have “small addons” like UI simple panels to deliver usefull shortcuts, and so one, these ones are just user scripts, not feature’s scripts !

Other 3d softwares companies are offering those kind of advanced scripts under a package ! look at maya’s ones!

At this time, our blender’s script are classified by panels and windows !!! right, it is a good start for now in the wiki section, but what’s about the future ? What the foundation’s people think about that ?

I also believe that a clear announcement of such scripts can give more confidence to the user, because they have been approved by the official developpers and there is no doubt about their quality !

So, why not “package” them by theme: Archi / Design / Cinema / … by type of usage !
I see here a way to get more people involved into these package, dev. side become more interested !

Also, companies who are currently using blender for production will be more attracted to use those scripts and contribute to it !

This kind of package includes (for example):
the script(s)
The documentation (pdf)
The test files

The discussion is:
Can we organise the Blender’s scripts into a contextual library, with a full package download system ?

notes: i’m very interested about that topic, because i use to provide “Full Blender 3D Studio implementation” for small companies and universities and i have a lot of feedback from them !

ok, a lot of reading but…?
I would to give an example of it, the scripts related to “add mesh/object”, several extra primitives can be found and some extra shapes like pipes, bolts,etc…
I wish to see them into a single category, “extra primitive” would be better way to activate scripts !

2 options are there, the first is to add a kind of “tag” to each script code, and to have a small tag-cloud in the user pref (addon tab), so we can just look at desired scripts, using categories of contexts !
the second option is to compile those scripts into one as a general type: architecture/animation/…

In other hand, the scripts list including ocean sim, Ant landscape, ivygen,etc…can be grouped into “natural/vegetation” !

yes, it’s quite easy for you to do this yourself.
there’s all ready 17 primatives in the add_mesh_extra_objects
the others are more specific & better as standalones.

There are also scripts which speed up your modeling significantly but most people do not know about them. Look at for example, vertex chamfer addon, round bevel (under development by HowardT), extrude along curve. Those should be merged and reviewed by Campbell and users.

Definitely an interesting proposal.